Finance Minister shoots down APNU+AFC’s proposed salary, pension increase

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh
Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh
Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh

[] – Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh says the APNU+AFC coalition has exposed its level of political desperation with its resort to utter promises of random “goodies”.

He was at the time responding to the coalition’s recent proposals of salary and pension increases within 100 days in Office, describing the pronouncement as even more empty promises from the Opposition camp.

“This is nothing short of a blatant attempt to bribe voters and is a gross insult to the Guyanese people,” Dr Singh said.

The Opposition recently announced that if elected into Office, they will institute a 13 percent across the board public service wage increase, while old age pension will be increased to $15,000.

According to Minister Singh, what is worse is that the members of the APNU+AFC bloc have become notorious for inconsistency; offering a different set of “goodies” every time they speak.

Singh noted that salaries and old age pension have seen steady and sustainable increases over the last 20 years under the current Administration.

It was noted that in 1992, when the PPP/C took Office, public servants were in receipt of $3,137 as minimum wage. This increased to $23,204 by 2005. In 2009, there was a six percent increase, 2010-five, 2011-eight, and five percent in 2012 and 2013.

In 2014, workers earning below $50,000 were granted eight percent increase while those earning over that sum were granted five percent. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Ashni,since during the campaign for the elections in 2011,David Granger had promised if he won the elections he would have raised the old age pension to $15,000 and this is a fact,not fake.

  2. Mr. Raj. What the finance minister is telling you is that empty vessels make the most noise. Further, it is easy to say you will increase salaries and pensions. But kindly tell us where and how they intend to fund these increases? Where is the money going to come from? You can’t just blurt out a promise at an election rally of an increase in salary and pension to the populace and not explain how you intend to implement such an increase and expect that we will believe it. Guyanese are not daft!

  3. The PNC jumbies are getting more and more desperate, so it’s not strange that they are going around making empty promises and false promises. All they want is power to satisfy their lust. The only way they can succeed with their ethnic cleansing is by making Winston Felix the minister of home affairs, and put Basil Williams as the Attorney General to defend all PNC bombers and bandits

  4. hear what i would love to see happen::::: any politician who comes to you for your vote …makes promises to you…they get your vote…then they cant deliver on their promises…must be arrested and be jailed for no less than 25 this way many things will stop dead in its tracks..i see hilary clinton going to indian and pakistan and wearing sari..i see the premiere of ontario wearing a dhoti at a mandir..politicians want your vote they say oh yea you are allowed to wear turban waer your nikab cover your will increase your wages and pensions then they must say where they will get it from..then vote them to hundred days later and they dont deliver..25 years jail…no more no less..they will stop their BS promises in getting votes..

  5. You freeloaders are getting more than enough on tax payors backs.
    Entitlement and ‘me fadda wuk foh da’ is long gone.

  6. Gal from na or nowhere or what ever. Your PNC brother Raj has been exposed already, he is the guy with seven email addresses and seven names blogging. We the followers of President Cheddi Jagan, and Janet Jagan, President Barrat Jagdeo, and President Ramotar, are not like you and your PNC/AFC. We are way ahead of you guys. Do you want to know how corrupt your PNC/AFC are? Google Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on one of your pawn. Also
    The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape, and Felix captured on tape making firearm deal.
    Also Google; Exposing AFC deception and corruption and
    AFC finance point man and so called economist Sasenarine Singh demanding bribes! Make sure to listen to your corrupt god fathers.

  7. Still don’t under the finance minister comments. So he is saying that the pensions and salaries cannot be increased or that only ppp can offer increases?

    has he forgotten the last two budgets when the oppositions request that these increases and the he and his ppp government said that the old people and public servants cannot get it because it needs to be negotiated. now someone else is offering them this and he telling people don’t listen to them?

    Hmm. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, thrice then I am a ppp cup full of holes.

  8. When you look at what the PPP/C ministers and their friends get for they loyality to the party, there is no comparison to what what was given to public servants over the years they have been in office. Public servants deserve the 13 % increase and they will get it come may 12th 2015, by the APNU+AFC party.

  9. I have no doubt that the figures are grossly irresponsible.
    However, the lies, half truths and empty promises are getting through.
    Only yesterday someone send me an email pack of lies and copied to thirty to forty people. A couple of weeks ago, someone called me and asked me to be part of a forum to hear what Granger have to say.
    These are the opposition people who are on every media possible spreading lies and campaigning hard on a daily basis.


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