Fatal accidents on ECD down by 35%; serious accidents up by 30%

‘C’ Division Traffic Officer Inspector Gavin Mingo

By Leroy Smith

‘C’ Division Traffic Officer Inspector Gavin Mingo
‘C’ Division Traffic Officer Inspector Gavin Mingo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Guyana Police Force ‘C’ Division Traffic Officer Inspector Gavin Mingo says his division has recorded a decrease in the number of fatal accidents from January to September, 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

Mingo explained that fatal accidents have been decreased by 35% while there has been a slight increase in serious accidents which have been recorded at 30 % for the corresponding period last year.

Inspector Gavin Mingo said that one of the issues which remain of utmost concern to the police in the division is the enclosed rum shops and bars from which most motorists involved in accidents would usually be coming from at the time of the accidents.

He credited the decrease in fatal accidents to targeted and joint operations between the traffic, general duties and CID officers in the division. Like in many other police divisions, these accidents are mostly recorded late at nights, on weekends and early in the mornings Mingo added.

The police are now working to increase its targeted operations especially at the bottom house and enclosed run shops and bars since they continue to pose a problem. The issue of noise nuisance is also something that the police in the division are upping the ante to bring under control.

Among the initiatives to address the issues are nightly patrols which the division is presently carrying out even as stops and searches are being conducted at various points to nab persons driving under the influence of alcohol.Over the last three week the police hauled approximately fifteen persons before the Courts who were driving under the influence and those cases were made out owing to the use of the breathalyser testing kits which the division is using.

Mongo said that even with the minor and damage accidents, persons are found to be under the influence of alcohol; adding that it is for this reason that the division continues to see the issue of drinking and driving and driving under the influence of alcohol as one of its biggest traffic violations but which is being addressed rigorously.




  1. Sounds good on paper! The noise nuisance is something that needs some immediate attention along with the granting of liquor licenses to premises in very close proximity to houses of worship and residential properties. I have friends in Guyana who live next door to “rum shops” and they get very little or no rest on Friday and Saturday nights! I think that bars (rum shops) should be made soundproof if they are in residential neighbourhoods. That way their noise stays within the confines of their walls!


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