Family seeks justice for bedridden 7-year-old accident victim


– as driver still to be charged in Adventure accident

Family members of seven-year-old Padmini Patram of Adventure Truck Line Dam on the Essequibo Coast are seeking justice for the little girl, who was struck down on November 17, 2016 while attempting to cross the Adventure Public Road.

Following the accident, the girl was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Although she has since regained consciousness, Padmini is now bed-ridden.

The Fisher Primary School pupil is confined to a bed where she depends on others to provide for all her needs.

Seven-year-old Padmini Patram lies helpless on her bed
Seven-year-old Padmini Patram lies helpless on her bed

According to her father, Rohan Patram, he has received no cooperation from the traffic officers in the Region and he has expressed his disappointment at the way in which the entire matter is being dealt with.

He further explained that the traffic officers have been adamant that the injured child must go to the station to give a statement. Patram maintains that it would be easier and more convenient for the injured child if the officers would visit the home to take the statement.

According to the frustrated father, he has been incurring daily expenses following the accident while the driver is walking free. He said too that since the accident, the driver has only provided $50,000 (receipt provided) to assist with transportation expenses.

The seven-year-old has already undergone three CT head and abdomen scans, which revealed that she has suffered from Poly Trauma. The scans conducted by the Cancer Institute of Guyana revealed that the child also suffered multiple head injuries, hepatic laceration, mild hemoperitoneum, multiple pelvic bone fractures and minimal patchy areas of consolidation on the lower lungs. Her father said that he was haunted daily by what has happened to his daughter and was disappointed that justice still could not be served.

A report on the accident in the Guyana Times said the child was struck down around 15:00hrs on November 17. The accident involved a pick-up truck bearing registration plates GNN 3818.

According to a Police report, the child and her eight-year-old brother, Anesh Patram, were passengers in a car which was proceeding south along the eastern side of the road. The car then stopped in an effort to offload passengers, and Padmini reportedly ran across the road.

The report further stated she ran from east to west across the public road and unfortunately came into contact with the right side front fender of the pick-up, which was proceeding north along the western side of the said road.

Head of Traffic for G Division (Essequibo Islands and Coast), Arunanauth Ramnauth, when questioned about the progress of the investigations, said a report was currently being prepared and would be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. He said too that he visited the child at the hospital last Saturday.


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