Sale of meat on the streets will be prohibited- M&CC


meatThe Mayor and City Council (M&CC) says that they are in the process of implementing a decision made at their Statutory Meeting held recently, to stop the sale of meat on the streets of Georgetown.

The Council cited the health risks and violation of the public health laws as the many reasons for prohibiting the open sale of meat.

The M&CC says that the practice is particularly prevalent in the vicinity of the Bourda and La-Penitence Markets.

According to the Council in a release “all meat offered for sale should be inspected by a Meat and Food Inspector and deemed fit for human consumption and affixed with a Municipal stamp,” while “any meat entering the City should first be inspected and approved by the City’s Meat Food and Hygiene Section before it is offered for sale.”

In reinforcing its point, the Council cited the Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter 28:01, City Market -By- Laws which states that: “it shall not be lawful for any person to bring without permission of the Council uncooked fresh meat into the Market. Also, no person shall sell or offer for sale in any market fresh meat except at a stall set aside and appropriated for that purpose”.

As the Council intends to stop the sale of meat on the streets or in the open, it is asking that persons who are involved in this trade to make contact with the office of the Clerk of Markets immediately.



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