Family of Sharezer Mendonca to sue GPHC


The family of Sharezer Mendonca, 6, plans to sue the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for the death of the little girl, who was a cancer patient at the institution.

Little Mendonca and two other juvenile cancer patients died after medical personnel wrongfully administered drugs to them.

This was confirmed through an investigation done into the matter, which found that the medical practitioners did not follow established protocol.

The little girl’s aunt, Sherry Ann Mendonca said the family also plans to push for the licences of those directly involved in her niece’s death to be revoked so that they do not practice medicine again.

“We want their licences to be taken away, so as to set an example so that something like this wouldn’t happen again. They would have to think twice before doing something. No malpractices should be allowed to continue….it should leave little room for them to make mistakes because they are dealing with people’s lives and people loved ones,” she asserted.

Little Mendonca was taken to the Paediatric Ward of the GPHC on January 3, 2019, where she was administered with an injection before undergoing treatment, but became unresponsive. She was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where her face started to swell and she later succumbed.

During the same period which Mendonca was admitted, three-year-old Roshani Seegobin visited the said medical institution for cancer treatment, but after returning home, her condition deteriorated. Another child, Curwayne Edwards, also passed away during this period after undergoing similar treatment.



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