EYEWITNESS: Whimsical…


…ruminations on Whim

Your Eyewitness isn’t going to crow “I told you so” about the AFC results in Whim – a complete rout! – which is emblematic of its performance on the Coast. Not because it’s not good form but more because it didn’t even take a moron (“people with an IQ of 51–70, being superior in one degree to “imbecile” (IQ of 26–50) and superior in two degrees to “idiot” (IQ of 0–25) to know that Moses Nagamootoo must’ve been drinking a lot of that old time Berbice Bush Rum when he vowed the AFC would whup the PPP there!!

So what will he say now? “PPP intimidation”? Who was “intimidating” who in the voting booth when they placed their mark for the PPP’s candidate rather than his sister who stood for the AFC? This LGE for the AFC wasn’t even a Greek Tragedy – you know…where you know from the beginning the protagonist is doomed – it was more like the “farce” that Nagamootoo’s hero Marx spoke about! History repeats itself, “the first as tragedy, then as farce”!

The first time was just two days ago when Nagamootoo marched in almost solitary dejection down the Middle walk of Whim at the “Mini rally” he and Ramjattan held – to rouse the folks in the village. The 30 votes his sister later received must’ve all been there in their free AFC mustard-yellow caps and T-shirts. The giveaway of what was to come when even these “pay-a-crowd” folks hid their faces under the brim of their caps when the Chronic took their pic! You’d think they were being herded down the chute like those criminals going to their trial!!

Nagamootoo had said Whim was a straight battle between the AFC and the PPP. Well, now that the AFC’s been so comprehensively crushed in the battle – in Whim and elsewhere – what’s he and Ramjattan gonna do now? Are they going to man up; admit their defeat and cry “No Mas”? Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so. There’s no honour among folks like this duo. They’ll now backtrack on their words and come up with some BS as to why they should still continue to draw their mega salaries (plus perks!) as ‘representatives” of people who’ve so resoundingly rejected them.

In Berbice, when people have no shame about their sordid actions, folks tell them to “rub blackpot” – soot – on their faces. That is, to try and hide their shame which would be apparent on their faces. Nagamootoo and Ramjattan, however, showed they were beyond the “blackpot” stage from their acceptance of their humiliations by the PNC in neutering them into political eunuchs! Ouch!!

They’ll be prancing around! Shameless!

…mourning Stan Lee

He’d been around so long, your Eyewitness was beginning to think he was immortal – like the Norse god Thor, he’d brought back into the popular imagination. He’s talking about Stan Lee of course, who, along with Jack Kirby, created the Super hero universe hawked by Marvel Comics. Lee is now dead at the age of 95.

Your Eyewitness has to take time-out from his ruminations on all the political miasma swirling around him to pay tribute to this man who actually got him to develop his love of reading.

School had gotten rather jejune, to say the least, with the “New Caribbean Readers” describing the travails of Mr Joe and his farm. While the DC stable with Superman and Batman helped to fill a void, it was the introduction of Spiderman and his cohorts – with their snappy, smart-alecky chatter – that got him hooked. Marvel Comics actually filled an ever expanding void!

The move to the big screen – and then the introduction of CGX – brought out a whole new generation to the Marvel Universe.

But it’ll never beat rifling through those paper-bound comics!

…gyrating ladies

There’s quite a lot of heat being generated by the letter of one lady protesting videos of gyrating ladies’ bamsies being projected “in the faces” of “horrified” children at the Women’s T-20! Well!!



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