Eyewitness: The morning after


…the foot fell

The last time there was an expected momentous court decision in this elections outrage that’s been fuelled by the judicial antics of the PNC, a fog descended upon Georgetown and parts of East Coast, where they have their redoubts. It was quite an apt sign, since the PNC already had created such a dense fog in the minds of their supporters, some of them couldn’t even “see” that Mingo had rigged the vote over at Ashmin’s. Even after the recount!!

Well, as the country waited for the CCJ to deliver its even more critical judgement, a storm passed over our dear midland coast that knocked down houses, uprooted trees, knocked out the GPL system to plunge the entire country into blackout. Was this a sign of what’s to come now that the CCJ delivered a blow to the solar plexus of the PNC?? After all, they’d drawn a line in the sand that they were going to accept no other decision from the CCJ than they (the CCJ) had absolutely no jurisdiction to hear the PPP’s appeal from the Court of Appeal.

Why?? Well to cut through the fog of the PNC’s legal arguments, it was basically that “the framers of the constitution” never intended all those “furriner” Judges to decide who’s gonna be the President after the votes are counted. Never mind there were never any “framers” of the constitution -just the PNC’s founder-leader Forbes Burnham, who merely instructed Shahabuddeen what he wanted to become a constitutional dictator! But for the record, he was one of the most committed founder-members of CariCom who dreamed of the day we’d have our Regional Apex Court and be rid of the Privy Council!!

In any case, your Eyewitness wondered what all those other islanders thought when they’d been judged by Guyanese members of the CCJ bench – like the outstanding Justice Desiree Bernard and the not so outstanding – rather pedestrian, to be truthful – Justice Duke Pollard. Anyhow, back to the portent of the storm that presaged the CCJ’s decision, which not only assumed jurisdiction but quashed the plainly PNC-concocted Court of Appeal’s decision that violated the constitution with its own jurisdictional overreach!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

The portent is that there is certainly a political storm brewing, since Granger literally and figuratively pulled off his mask to tell his supporters “WE WUZ ROBBED!!” For now, as your Eyewitness predicted, the PNC will turn to Major (rtd) Lowenfield to repeat the li(n)es synchronized with the Govt GECOM Commissioners, who took a day to practice.

Then the storm’s gonna hit!!

…will the Iron Lady sing?

After an initial period of high anxiety, we’ve all been waiting for our Iron Lady to finally sing the PNC’s swan song – and bring the curtain down on this sordid episode in our nation’s history. Well, she was handed the lyrics and score of the song she’s supposed to sing – composed by the most eminent jurists in our region. And as a former member of the fraternity of the Bench, she should have no difficulty in belting out the song, “Just gimme the recount numbers, Lowenfield”.

The PNC has already telegraphed what’s coming up today at the delayed Commission meeting. Even though the CCJ was as clear as the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Lowenfield will be arriving with his third version of the numbers. That, of course, will be BEFORE he keeps his date at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on those three criminal charges for fudging the numbers in his previous reports.

Sometimes jail time focuses the mind of fellows in the dock. Your Eyewitness doesn’t think this will faze Lowenfield, however.

It’ll be one for the side!!

…Test cricket returns

Who would’ve thought?? In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had cricket, glorious cricket in England!! And what made it even more was WI bowling out England for 204 and Holder taking 6/42!!

How sweet it is!!