Authorities urge persons to wear face masks properly


Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle is pleading with Guyanese to wear their face masks properly.

“We continue to witness the misuse of the face mask and wish to advise that wearing your mask only because it is a requirement to enter some public spaces is not the principal reason for its inclusion in our guidelines,” she stated on Thursday.

According to the DCMO, “the mask is needed for your protection as well as the protection of those around you. It helps to prevent those tiny droplets from infecting you and those around.”

She also noted that wearing a mask does not work in isolation. “It must be supported with practicing physical distancing and hand-washing,” she said.

Moreover, the DCMO said it has been observed that children are in public spaces such as minibuses, shops, markets and stores, without the protection of a mask.

“In some instances, parents are protected, children not so. Please remember that our assets for the future are our children. We do not wish to put them at risk, so if you plan on sending them to the shop or market, please ensure that they are appropriately attired with a face mask,” she stated.

Tips from the CDC on how to properly wear a face mask

Wear your Face Covering Correctly

  • Wash your hands before putting on your face covering
  • Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face
  • Make sure you can breathe easily

Use the Face Covering to Protect Others

  • Wear a face covering to help protect others in case you’re infected but don’t have symptoms
  • Wear the covering in public settings when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain
  • Don’t put the covering around your neck or up on your forehead
  • Don’t touch the face covering, and, if you do, wash your hands

Take Off Your Cloth Face Covering Carefully, When You’re Home

  • Untie the strings behind your head or stretch the ear loops
  • Handle only by the ear loops or ties
  • Fold outside corners together
  • Place covering in the washing machine (learn more about how to wash cloth face coverings)
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing and wash hands immediately after removing.