EYEWITNESS: Questions…


…of Prezzie

Your Eyewitness was intrigued to discover Prezzie had evidently taken that “midnight plane to Georgia” to deliver an address to the PNC group in the “Peach State”.

Why did Prezzie have Georgia on his mind? Was it because his unilateralism on placing Patterson in the GECOM Chair had exploded like a rotten sore? Was this trip connected to the PPP’s vigorous reaction in the House? Was a war chest already being created for the great battle of 2020?

But Prezzie posed three questions to his audience of ex-pat Guyanese that ironically provided answers to your Eyewitness’ questions. Right off the bat after giving a hagiographical account of the birth of the PNC, Prezzie asked, “You have to ask yourself ‘how the PNC gained office in 1964?’” How indeed?!! Well, it had everything to do with that elephant in the room Prezzie studiously avoids even though he’s a trained historian – the CIA’s campaign to remove the PPP and install the PNC to protect their (the US’s) strategic interests!

Your Eyewitness isn’t sure why Prezzie skirts around the issue…the US itself has released the declassified files that are there for anyone with a keyboard (or smartphone) to download. So is Prezzie hinting that once again the PNC has been chosen to protect US interests – this time in oil? Food for thought.

The second question Prezzie posed was, “Ask yourself ‘how did the PNC remain in office and what did it do during that year?’” Now that’s simple. The answer, of course, is the British passed the “Emergency Detention Bill”, which saw 15 members of the PPP arrested and detained under the suspension of Habeas Corpus! The PPP became mute since the least resistance would result in being thrown into Sibley Hall at the Mazaruni Prison. The PNC extended this totalitarian law as the “National Security Act”.

The third question was “Ask yourself how the PNC (regained office) in 2015 and ask yourself how the PNC would retain office after 2020.” And this brings us to the (fetid) present. The PNC disguised itself as APNU under the fig leaf of the WPA and a number of one-man parties, by promising them Ministries. We know from the treatment of Roopnaraine they got Larwah, but the WPA had come home.

APNU, of course, suckered the AFC with the Cummingsburg Accord and they pipped the PPP with their 11% and the random 10,000 who were in the States via US issued visas – and not the “backtrack” at US$10,000 a pop!

And we arrive at (Chief?) Justice Patterson. To “retain office after 2020”, the PNC is following the Burnhamite stride in 1968.

Rigging with the connivance of the GECOM Chair!

…on travails and travels

The travails of Nagamootoo are too well known to be regurgitated. Suffice to say, he’s not only been neutralised but effectively neutered. That means no cojones…not even a wind ball! But your Eyewitness just discovered another (sordid) reason why he has accepted his eunuch-like state that impelled him to utter inanities like dubbing protesting Parliamentarians as “domestic terrorists”!!

Seems, in addition to his demands for the increased salary, ($1.5M), refurbishing and air conditioning at Main Street, new SUV with outriders, etc, he’s allowed unlimited travel allowances. Last year, he frittered TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS in jetting to foreign destinations – quite a feat for a fella who’s supposed to be in charge of DOMESTIC AFFAIRS!

With the Cummingsburg Accord just “a cord” to muzzle Nagamootoo’s mouth, he has nothing to do but twiddle his thumb, utter inanities, cut ribbons and drop symbolic donations to the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle. He might as well fly away!

But after clocking in all those frequent flyer miles, what’s left for Foreign Minister Greenidge?


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