EYEWITNESS: PNC’s looney bin…


…occupant Alexander

Vincent Alexander released a sixteen-page printed opus (he twice insisted he was an “author”!!) on why the elections should be annulled and new elections called!! That’s right…after getting into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest wait for elections IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, Guyanese must now cancel the count, the recount, and the court judgements, and start all over again!! Now, to be fair, Alexander has been pursuing this bee in his bonnet (or inside his beard!) for months…but SIXTEEN PAGES?? Jeez!

Unfortunately, it’s another case of a mountain labouring mightily and producing a mouse. In this case, to quote PNC lawyer Boston, a “stillborn” mouse!! All Alexander did was to regurgitate the identical arguments the various PNC plaintiffs made to the Courts – and which were all addressed by the CCJ, our apex court.

So, in effect, he was just spitting (or pi55ing) in the wind. And we know what ensues when that happens, don’t we?? Nasty!! It’s clear that – as demonstrated by the rest of his comrades in the PNC – they’ve refused to have someone other than Basil Williams explain the meaning of the terms “res judicata” and “stare decisis”!!

The first problem your Eyewitness had with the novella (and believe me, it IS a work of fiction!!) was Alexander’s strained efforts to sound “lawyerly”. He clearly isn’t au fait with the modern drift of the legal fraternity to plain, unadorned language. In his opening “note” (yes, he has one in addition to a “preface”!!), in which he accused GECOM of being engaged in a “frolic”, he ends with: “The readers are therefore invited to ENJOIN the author (the second time in one paragraph he describes himself as such!!) in an objective determination of the fate of Election 2020.”

Why couldn’t he just say folks should “join” him on his own “detour and frolic”??!! He wanted to sound lawyerly, forgetting that, at law, the word enjoin means to “prohibit someone from performing (a particular action) by issuing an injunction”!!

Rather than going over the matters that are res judicata, your Eyewitness will touch on another, which Alexander himself could’ve helped resolve.

This is his claim that the voters list was “bloated”. But in his preface, he’d boasted about being the “longest serving member of GECOM”. Well, what was he doing all those years while drawing a fat salary as a Commissioner?? Why didn’t he push that the list be cleaned up by insisting that the information provided by the Chief Registration Officer from birth and death records be used on the NRR?

But by now Guyanese should know a misdirection when they see one. Alexander’s just blowing smoke up Guyanese arses!!

…occupant Ogunseye

Now, don’t start with telling your Eyewitness that Ogunseye is “WPA”!! Those days are looong gone…and all of the remaining Worst Possible Alternative (as Fat Boy once called them, before assassinating Walter Rodney) are now blooded PNC. Anyhow, Ogunseye, who’d appointed himself “Defender of the PNC Realm” since he got a full-time job at the Office of the Presidency, just issued what he announced were the views of “Africans” and “Indians” on the elections crisis.

It’s important to note that the fella didn’t refer to the views of African-Guyanese or Indian-Guyanese, but full blooded “Africans and Indians” – shows where he’s coming from!! Anyhow, since he admitted that he can only speak authoritatively about “African” views, let’s just look at just one of these.

“The PPP/C on Election Day organised massive rigging, and got fraudulent votes in the ballot boxes, and the PPP/C numbers are fraudulent. Mingo’s Region 4 tabulations were an attempt to undo PPP/C rigging.”

The question, of course, is how did Mingo know the PPP had rigged, so he had to make “corrections”?


Ogunseye also offered this gem: “Indians only want to make money; they don’t join the army to defend the country.”

So Indian-Guyanese were not excluded by the British and Burnham?? And what happened to Major Sattaur and the SSU?