EYEWITNESS: Pilfering…


…and Nagamootoo

Some people really have no shame…and Moses Nagamootoo’s been a card-carrying member of that benighted lot for a long time. And maybe because of this, as the designated PNC’s attack dog against the PPP in general and Jagdeo in particular, he just couldn’t help himself when he wrote the article in the Chronic “PILFERING, PRISON AND PRESIDENTS”.

Imagine Moses Nagamootoo throwing shade at Bharrat Jagdeo about “pilfering”!!! If the world wasn’t so uptight about the “colour question”, your Eyewitness would’ve said it was the perfect case of the stygian kahari calling the shiny kettle black!! Nagamootoo took time to “guardedly” define the term “to include unlawful taking of objects, or petty thefts.”

We note Nagamootoo’s careful use of the phrase “unlawful taking of objects or petty thefts”. What this does, he hopes, is shield him from the wholesale pilfering of the public purse he’s been engaged in from the moment he slid into office. What but “pilfering is the spending of $21million to asphalt the approach to his home in Liliendall”, when all the other long-suffering residents had to continue circumspectly navigate the moon-like craters that continued to dot their streets??

Then, of course, there’s the refurbishing of the PM’s residence on Main Street at the cost of another $20 million – when his predecessor Sam Hinds resided there quite comfortably, thank you, for decades!! Nagamootoo claimed he found a dead rat in one of the ovens in the kitchen!! Apart from defaming the cooking staff – not to mention the always meticulous and immaculate Mrs Hinds – did he have to install air conditioning for the entire house because of the allegedly deceased rodent?? The whole episode was nothing more than petty pilfering. Petty – not in the sense of a small sum of money – but petty in a “never-see-come fuh-see”, small time hustler, way!!

What about the specially outfitted (as his flack would say – “bespoke”!!) $23 million SUV he ordered because he claimed that he had to visit his “constituents” all the way in Berbice?

Wasn’t this “pilfering” since he must’ve been to Berbice since 2015 less times that the fingers on his hands?!! And your Eyewitness won’t even talk about the increase in salary he demanded – even as he went along with the firing of 4000+ of his “constituents” in Berbice, who’re now starving!!

Nagamootoo shamelessly bemoaned those who revel in pilfered wealth and said, “for some, it is everything, the causa viventium.” He should know since the Latin phrase simply means “the reason for living”.

Can anyone review Nagamootoo’s lifestyle since 2015, and even suggest that pilfering from the public purse isn’t his reason for living?

And for the AFC, the causa viventium is clearly “catching”!!

…from Teachers’ livelihood

The Teachers of Guyana are discovering the meaning of “between a rock and a hard place”!! They thought they wouldn’t embarrass the government – which most of their members voted into office – too much, so returned to work after a one-week strike. They thought the government saw ‘reason” when they agreed to “binding arbitration”. They thought wrong!!

As this PNC government has shown in every activity they’ve engaged in, they believe in practicing the principle of “outcome determinativeness”!! That is, they insist on fixing the initial circumstances so that whatever outcome they want, inevitably follows. Want to ensure the elections – any elections, local or national! – go their way? Just unilaterally pick the GECOM Chair, who has the casting vote!!

Want to ensure that last bastion of “separation of powers”  – the judiciary – become the handmaiden of the Executive?? Just hand-pick the Chancellor! And finally, if you want the workers to get crumbs unlike the 50% increase their ministers awarded themselves, just pick your own Arbitration Chair!!

Even rejecting respectable PNC “old-heads”!!

…from our new bridge

Your Eyewitness was intrigued by the rendition of the proposed new Demerara Harbour Bridge, from the design that was sole-sourced by the MPI. The Minister will be questioned by SOCU on possible misfeasance.

Will the “Ming Swing” have to go?


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