Eyewitness: In for the money…says Ramjattan


Well, FINALLY, we’ve got an explanation for why Trotman signed what has to be the worst contract in the world since the Lenape Indians sold Manhattan in 1626 to the Dutch for sixty Guilders – which is worth $1000 today!! But at least the Lenapes didn’t know how developed Manhattan would become more than 200 years later. What excuse did Trotman have to take that US$18 million bonus and 2% bonus?? Ramjattan said that it was because “the Government needed money”!! Can you believe that??

Your Eyewitness knows we’re poor…in fact we’re dirt “pore”…But Jeez!! A measly US$18 million when Trotman already knew that oil had been struck?? Man, doesn’t the PNC have ANY pride!! That’s not even pocket change in the world of oil – it’s chump change!! And to rub salt into that wound, Brazil had just gotten a bonus of US$600 million for their deep-sea strike!! And if our country needed money so badly, exactly what were they planning to spend that $18 mil on?? More SUVs for Granger’s presidential fleet of SUVs?? Remember that last one he took home when he left office that cost US$174,000?? And we know they certainly bought more than 10!! That would’ve taken care of the US$18Mil.

But if we accept that’s why the PNC/APNU/AFC scamps hid the cash money…maybe THEY were sheepish about taking chicken feed!?! But what about the money from the actual oil. They knew that was a pittance comparatively that would’ve taken years to roll in! We got our first deposit in the NY Fed of $55M in March 2020. It wouldn’t have mattered if they’d done some hard negotiation that dragged on a bit. Did they think that drilling for oil under miles of ocean is like digging a pit latrine at 47 Village?

Or more likely, time didn’t matter since they knew as far back as 2016 when Trotman signed along the dotted line, they were going to get back into office by any means necessary?? After all, your Eyewitness is sure not only GETTING into power was discussed at “Nassau” – but STAYING in power!! So how come Ramjattan didn’t reveal who exactly told Trotman to put his John Hancock to whatever was handed to him in Texas?? Even if it was the Larwah??

No…this “we needed money” spiel doesn’t cut any ice with your Eyewitness – and he’s sure it’s the position of ALL Guyanese. By signing a CONTRACT, Ramjattan as a lawyer – as is Trotman – knows that they tied succeeding governments in a straightjacket unless there was fraud or something.
So, is somebody gonna man up to fess up as to the hanky-panky that went down in Texas??

…in for the consequences

Well, as was promised to Pres Ali, the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) submitted its investigation into the police shooting of Quindon Bacchus on July 8 to the DPP’s office – as is statutorily required. The DPP then immediately advised the Police to charge Lance Corporal Kristoff DeNobrega for murder. Two other Policemen with him are to be charged with obstruction of justice.

Now your Eyewitness would be the last person to defend the GPF, but folks should appreciate that in our justice system, the Police don’t investigate “their own” for crimes committed. As such, while one may have been impatient with the length of the investigation, it was unreasonable for protesters at Buxton to continue with their protest on Monday. As it was, their cries for “justice for Quindon” seemed opportunistic – as news of the charges were announced.

Then the goalpost was moved again. There were cries of “charge Sunil Persaud” as one protester claimed “our investigation” had revealed that a Policeman by that name was the actual shooter.
Have they given their evidence to the Police?

…and listening

The Prime Minister, who identified as an African Guyanese, took a team of 7 Ministers into Buxton even as the protesters were marching on the road.
One to fix Guyana, the other to break it!!