…bleeding for killers

Did you, dear reader, know yesterday, was “World Day against death penalty”. Yep!! There’s a day for that also. Well if the UN took time to declare such a day, maybe we ought to think a bit about it, shouldn’t we? One of the local worthies, who makes a living at this sort of thing, declared that the death penalty is about “revenge” rather than “deterrence”.

Well, golly Miss Molly! If a person’s already been killed, what’s the use to HIM on whether the killer’s deterred from killing again?? The poor person remains as just “dead meat”. Your Eyewitness isn’t about to speculate about any hereafter…just about justice for the dead in the here and now. Why label the act of retribution “revenge”? God said he’s the one to dole out retribution – not that its wrong, didn’t he? So our state’s simply executing (pardon the pun) God’s will for HIS inattention. (The killer WAS allowed to do his dastardly deed, wasn’t he?)

Anyhow the local bleeding heart echoed the worthies at the UN and declared “no state should execute its citizens”. How about sentencing 1700 workers to a slow death by closing down Wales estate without providing any alternative employment? That’s OK? Doesn’t malnutrition lead to a shorter lifespan and death? Aren’t some going to be plunged into despair and kill themselves? Shouldn’t she condemn these executions of the state?

And then what does the UN say about the hundreds of thousands of citizens being killed by bombs dropped from five miles in the sky or from drones controlled from 10,000 miles away? Shouldn’t there be a day of mourning for the executions and condemnation for those states commit such atrocities?

The problem with most bleeding hearts, they get caught up with the information they’re fed from up north and just unthinkingly regurgitate it. Banning executions is now the popular “Liberal” cause. But wasn’t it Liberalism that introduced hangings to begin with? Right here in Guyana, thank you? Tomorrow we’ll be commemorating the Maafa or Holocaust against People of African Origins. Wasn’t it a Liberal Britain that was one of the main perpetrators of these mass killings that were worse than executions? Will the bleeding hearts show up at the seawall?

The point of it all, is hanging and other forms of executions are all part of an interlinked Liberal order that every now and then pretends to reform itself (like “abolishing” slavery) but its beat of overriding oppression has only morphed into another, deadlier, form.

What we need is not reform – but root and branch change where the poor and powerless are given justice. And a Liberal order ain’t gonna do it.

…beating for gambling

Looks like this government’s left hand mightn’t know what its right hand is doing but not to worry – its heart isn’t divided for sure: avarice and greed are the watchwords!! The latest eruption is over these gambling slot machines – otherwise known as “one-armed bandits”, for good reason. They rob you as good as an  choke-and-rob artiste you may encounter in the (dark) streets, when you pull down that “arm”.

Seems the government – via its dynamic Finance Minister – bypassed the legally authorised entity regulating gambling in the country and authorised the Guyana Lottery Company to install the aforementioned one-armed-bandits in bars across our (now despoiled) land! And why would the FM do this if it means breaking the laws of Guyana? Well, he said Guyana would get 24% of the take, by encouraging Guyanese to gamble away their hard-earned money.

Your Eyewitness therefore has a suggestion. Why doesn’t the FM ship coke to the states? That’s also illegal – but the return is 2400%!!

…falling in love

Jagdeo criticised Trotman’s lacklustre performance at COP 25 in Paris back in 2015. What he didn’t know was Trottie and a member of the delegation found the charms of “Gay Paree” too distracting.

Now they’re married. Isn’t that sweet!!


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