EYEWITNESS: Coalitions…


…and AFC

You readers would know your Eyewitness has some serious problems about how the AFC’s been dealing with its larger partner, APNU in the coalition Government they formed back in 2015. Basically, it had to do with how they rolled over and played dead – when none of the agreements encompassed in the Cummingsburg Accord were kept by APNU.

But it was like water on duck’s back. The AFC leaders Nagamootoo and Ramjattan (hereafter N&R) came up with all sorts of excuses that just made them look even more hapless – if that were possible!! But your Eyewitness is hoping that what just took place in British politics will open those fellows’ eyes as to what’s effective coalition negotiation. Both N&R, being acolytes of things British, should have no reservations of following suit.

Your Eyewitness already alerted you, dear readers, about Theresa May overplaying her hand when she called for a snap elections in the wake of Brexit. She assumed the anger towards Europe would translate into anger against her political rivals and increase her majority in Parliament. She thought wrong!! She fell short of a majority and had to reach across to the small DUP from N Ireland to support her in Parliament.

Now this was exactly the position between APNU and the AFC prior to the elections in 2015: the former conceded it needed the support of the latter to seize the Government. Now look at what the DUP did as opposed to the AFC – and we’ll see the difference between opportunists and politicians.  The DUP demanded 1.3 BILLION pounds to be spent in their constituents over the duration of the Government’s term of office!!

And what did N&R demand for bringing in their 11 per cent from Berbice which took the APNU over the line? Forty per cent of the Ministries in Government, the Prime Ministership (Nagamootoo), and two Vice Presidents –- one of them being Ramjattan of course!! Nothing as to what should be done for their constituents but only for themselves. Ask not what you can do for your constituents but what your constituents can do for you!!

And that’s why APNU could take the AFC for granted. They knew after the elections the AFC couldn’t cross the floor – legislation had already closed that option after Trotman and Ramjattan had played that card!! APNU knew whatever they have the AFC, it had to take – even larwah!! Boat already had “gone a watah!”

And we can now understand why sugar was thrown under the bus! All N&R had to do was demand GuySuCo be supported for three years and brought to a point of sale.
Not that their salaries be doubled!!

…and perks

And just when your Eyewitness thought the scandals spawned by the PNC-led coalition Government couldn’t get any messier…up comes the revelation that in addition to the 50 per cent salary increase given to the 27 Ministers – and counting  — they each received a $500,000 housing allowance!!! Up from the $25,000 that was the limit before they came into office in 2015! That’s a 2000 per cent increase!! TWO THOUSAND PER CENT!! Now if this isn’t poking a finger into the collective eye of the Guyanese people, what is?? $500,000 monthly is an ALLOWANCE??? What then is a PAYMENT??
The strange thing is – how were they able to accomplish this? Seems they shifted the responsibility for reimbursement of this “housing allowance” to Parliament. So if they rent – Parliament pays the tab directly. If they have their own house or accommodation, then when they pick up their 50 per cent augmented salary checks, they pick up their $500,000 allowance!!
With this Government, it’s not IF a new scandal is brewing; it’s WHEN will it be exposed!!

 …and floods

Your Eyewitness always knew to this Government – Georgetown IS Guyana. That’s now being ruefully and painfully discovered by its supporters on the East Coast of Demerara.
The boast about cleaning canals to prevent flooding obviously didn’t extend to them!


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