…on Independence observation?

Your Eyewitness is pleased the Opposition’s finally accepted they have a duty to ensure Guyana knows everything isn’t hunky-dory in the State of Guyana. Most recently, they showed this by boycotting the Govt’s Independence extravaganza at Jubilee Stadium — which was supposed to be the stadium of the ages. Why should they turn up at a structure that exemplifies the PNC’s fixation on “games and circuses,” instead of engaging in solid developmental activities to make the country truly independent?

 If 50+1 years after Independence, and even after expending a billion dollars from the public treasury on it, the Government still owes several unnamed “political investors”  big time for contributing millions and millions to build the stadium. Why should the Opposition legitimise blatant corruption by their presence?  Silence in the face of evil implies acquiescence. What’s “independence” for the people of this country if they can’t be told who plunked down the mega bucks into the private corporation with the Minister of Education at its centre?? Is, per chance, a certain Trini pharma supplier one of those investors?

It’s not surprising that, initially, the Government wanted to shift their celebrations away from the Jubilee Stadium — first to Stabroek Market Square, and then to the Parade Ground; and finally, only sheepishly after protestations, back to their billion-dollar monument to the PNC’s venality. Jubilee Stadium epitomises all that’s wrong with this Government and its unsuitability for running the affairs of Guyana. Apart from the corruption, there’s the stadium itself.

What person in their right mind in the 21st century would dub a wooden structure hastily cobbled together from raw wood and galvanised sheets a “world class stadium”?? Which world is the PNC brain trust living in?? Even as they were throwing around money at Durban Park like it was going out of style, in a desperate effort to save face, some ordinary Guyanese had asked why modular steel pipes weren’t used, rather than wood. This would’ve saved the structure from the certain ravages of wood ants; and after the Big Bash, the structure could’ve been disassembled and donated to communities across the country as “pavilions” at their sports grounds.

It is hoped the Opposition also stayed away to show the international community that the generosity of spirit originally displayed by Dr Cheddi Jagan at the first Independence ceremony didn’t get the PPP anywhere.  Especially now the PNC are insisting they’ll be recapitulating the actions of their Founder Leader, Burnham.

Even though Jagan knew he’d been destabilised by the CIA because of Burnham’s opportunism, he yet hugged Burnham when the Union Jack was lowered. But he was proverbially kicked in the teeth by Burnham, who put the PNC before the nation. And that’s exactly what is occurring again.

Nice guys finish last!!!

…on GECOM formula

Guyana should remain grateful that President Carter personified the U.S. intervention into Guyana, back in 1990, to convince the PNC that they had to concede “free and fair elections”. Knowing – like everyone else and their uncle – that the PNC’s electoral fiddling began with their “toothless poodle” at the head of the Elections Commission, Carter brokered the formula that is presently used to constitute GECOM and its Chair. The bottom line is that the members are as follows: 3 Commissioners each from the Govt and the Opposition, with a supposedly neutral Chair having a casting vote.

The Centre has now proposed a change in the methodology of selecting the members of GECOM. The goal is to make it less “politicised”. At this time, unfortunately, such proposals are akin to speculating as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Prezzie, who’s the PNC leader, has made it pellucid that only he can determine the head of GECOM.

They aren’t interested in breaking any deadlock.

…in GECOM Head

Maybe not coincidentally, Opposition Leader Jagdeo’s “concerned” Prezzie hasn’t chosen the GECOM Chair from his second list. He shouldn’t hold his breath. Now that GTimes has exposed Prezzie’s real choice, the Opposition Leader can only solve his quandary by placing that  ex-judge’s name in a third list!!


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