EYEWITNESS: Backflipping …on US “interference”??


After the last elections – exactly two years ago – the PNC and its myrmidons went to town on US Ambassador Sara-Ann Lynch’s reputation. She’d engineered “regime change” in Guyana, they squealed in mock indignation. Meaning that she’d interfered to throw out the PNC Coalition!! But the indignation was “mock”, because they knew full well that all the good woman did (proving her goodness!) was insist that our votes be tabulated according to the laws of Guyana!!

So, she should’ve gone along with the dirty-sheet rigged PNC elections like in 1968, 1973, 1978 (referendum), 1980 and 1885?? Jeez!! Didn’t they realise that the Cold War’s over and the Americans didn’t have any ideological axes to grind against the PPP, no more?? What the PNC should’ve asked is: why would the US oust them after they’d expressed such dissatisfaction with the PPP’s feral blast? Wasn’t it the PNC who’d given Exxon the best contract since Rockefeller pumped Saudi oil for 2cents a barrel??!! Why would the Yanks want them out??

Point is – without trying to read minds – what we DO KNOW is the Americans didn’t encourage the formation of any “Red Caps” or “Pink Caps”, or even “Vote like a Boss” campaign!! But none of that stopped the PNC from hysterically demanding the removal of Lynch as Ambassador!! Anyhow, the fact that Mia Mottley – whom NO ONE can accuse of pandering to the Americans or the West! – played an even more critical role in securing the will of the Guyanese people demonstrates the absurdity of the PNC’s wild claim. But then again, Mia also became the object of the PNC’s stink and dutty cussing out!!

But the PNC’s hypocrisy was exposed – once again!! – with the visit of Barbara Feinstein, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Caribbean Affairs and Haiti. (Haiti isn’t part of the Caribbean?) When she paid a courtesy call to the new PNC/APNU Leader Aubrey Norton, the man unloaded all his complaints against the PPP like a kid tattling against a sibling to their mother!! No consultation, GECOM structure, voters list, civil society angst…etc. Why engage in all this kvetching, save to beg the US to “interfere”??!! But it looks like the PNC (as usual) were too lazy to do their homework!!

Feinstein was most recently at USAID for this hemisphere, do you know who was her boss? Clearly, Norton didn’t know – Sara-Ann Lynch!! Surely Feinstein knows – from the horse’s mouth!! – that her ambassador wasn’t involved in no regime change!! And while foreign affairs aren’t run along with personal feelings – surely, they impact one’s receptivity to kvetching!! But the PPP – in the person of VP Jagdeo – got the last word and corrected the PNC’s slander against Lynch.

Poor PNC!!

…in Ukraine

As your Eyewitness has cautioned – knowing what’s really going on in Ukraine during the “fog of war” – literally and figuratively! – we have to take the news with a handful of salt!! One of our handicaps in Guyana is we’re only getting our news from one side…the West, which just happens to be “our side”. But – as with everything else – while we may have our druthers, it’s always wise to know the facts before reaching conclusions.

The latest news we got is that the Ruskies are now saying that they’re just sorting out matters in the Donbas region that abuts their border – and is dominated by Russian-speaking and Russian-friendly folks. Ukraine’s President Zelensky claims that the Ruskies couldn’t capture the towns they’d besieged…but like your Eyewitness had said, that historically was never Russia’s strategy. They neutralise armies. And with Ukraine now saying they won’t apply to join NATO and with Russia’s western borders buffered, maybe this was Putin’s goal all along?

War is hell…like chess!

…by Trinis

The Trini businessmen who’re already entrenched in our O&G support system here are having fits over their PM Rowley’s tantrums over being upstaged by Guyana and Barbados!!

To show Guyana is being fair, they will now be outed!!