Eyewitness: Answering the PNC’s…


…Vincent Alexander

Well, looks like your Eyewitness got a new pen pal – no other than Vincent Alexander, PNC’s GECOM Commission spokesman; Chairman of IPADA-G; Chairman of the Burnham Foundation; and the man who would once be leader of the PNC – save for Robert Corbin!  He wrote a letter kvetching about an Eyewitness column that took him to task for some of his indiscretions. He started off by knocking your Eyewitness’s nom de plume, claiming it’s a “cowardly” position. But why should Alexander, the staunch Marxist, worry about individual identities?? Isn’t it the class/social position being defended that matters?? Your Eyewitness is a card-carrying bourgeois!!

Next, he complained that when your Eyewitness said he did all the talking after the GECOM meetings, and his fellow Commissioners Corbin and Trotman stood by, that implied “they lacked intellect”!! Really??  This is a non-sequitur if there ever was one! He also objected to the claim that “Granger abruptly threw in the towel”. But isn’t this what a wide swathe of PNC supporters like Burke and company complained about??

He followed up by asking how had your Eyewitness concluded he had a “Damascene conversion – like Saul on the way to Damascus – from being a Marxist who holds that class is the fundamental relationship to where he now feels that “race” has that honour. Well, wasn’t he the one who recently explained he’d been inducted in Moscow into the intricacies of Marxism as a youth…but now has taken an instinctive African position? Or is he like CLR James, who coalesces them?

He also takes umbrage that your Eyewitness suggested that “Congolese Conversion” might be more appropriate in his case than “Damascene Conversion”. How in goodness’ name could recognising that Alexander’s conversion to being an African-Guyanese advocate be insulting?? Patrice Lumumba – first PM of the Congo – is one of your Eyewitness’s admired anti-colonial figures. Alexander asked that his credentials be validated by Ravi Dev, and your Eyewitness will leave that to that columnist and his jargon-laden prolix prose!!

Finally, he wants the “original quote” to his solution of the murder of the Henry cousins, from the one cited by your Eyewitness: “the murderers saw themselves as superior to the persons slaughtered. Historically, this was the fate of Africans. The WCB murders is a continuation of previous violence against Africans. The individuals also felt they would be protected by the State (controlled by the PPP), so justice cannot be gotten for the Henrys”.

Well, that’s straight from Alexander’s mouth…and your Eyewitness dares Alexander to tell his SAGE audience he didn’t REALLY mean that when he spoke to them!! After all, the presentation is still up on their website!

Alexander can run, but he can’t hide!

…innate corruption

In its first iteration, between 1964 and 1992 – the infamous “twenty-eight years of tyranny” – the PNC set a bar for corruption that few had thought could ever be matched. They turned Lord Acton’s aphorism: “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” on its head. Under Burnham, “corruption was power, and absolute corruption became absolute power”!

Well, Granger did vow to “continue the legacy of Burnham”, and boy, did he succeed!! He left the treasury bankrupt; the economy collapsed; social relations in the pits; and, most of all, corruption running rampant!! The “bottom-house” warehouse; the $1.5 billion wood-ants Jubilee Stadium and the $163 million sole-sourced 19th century design for a new Demerara Harbour Bridge! And this was even before they finally agreed to give up on their elections heist, when they set the bar for corruption at the country level at worse than any rigging Burnham and Hoyte had attempted!

But the unending stream of graft and outright looting of the treasury being revealed demonstrates that Burnham has been trumped!

…racial incitement

The ERC finally visited the families of the savagely- murdered Henry cousins in West Berbice. And what did they find?

That the families are multi-racial, and despise the PNC’s insertion of racial motives without evidence.