EYEWITNESS: A new Columbus…


…in AFC

Like Columbus, who “discovered” the Americas as if the millions of peoples living there for millennia didn’t know they existed, the AFC ‘just’ discovered the horrible wrongs done to sugar workers by the Government of which they’re a part and parcel! But unlike Columbus who literally didn’t know which side was up, and may be forgiven for his claim, the AFC is deviously and cold-bloodedly playing sugar workers to save their own necks.

But their recently expressed “concern” for sugar workers is nothing but blatant “eye-pass” for that people who gave them the bona fides to bargain for their Cummingsburg Accord perks with the PNC/APNU. They think because cane cutters fetch cane on their heads, their brains have gone soft?!!

After Trotman stepped aside and refused the PM candidacy in 2011 because of “physical and spiritual health issues” – Ramjattan made the same conclusion as Jagan when Burnham left and took with him a certain faction of the Guyanese vote. He’d better appeal to sugar workers! He and Nagamootoo strongly opposed PNC/APNU leader David Granger on closing the sugar industry.

And so they did again before the 2015 election when they hitched up with PNC/APNU on Valentine Day 2015 by signing their pre-nup agreement – the Cummingsburg Accord. They promised to bring in the Indian vote to take the PNC/APNU over the 42% they’d been pulling from their African-Guyanese constituency since 1964 – -and the AFC would get 40% of the Cabinet, a PM office on steroids and perks galore!

But as Burnham used to say, there are many ways to kill a cat – including the obvious one of strangling it, or the more subtle one of giving it mange! The AFC was given mange when the Cabinet was diluted, Trotman had miraculously recovered after a Nassau Accord with Granger, and PM Nagamootoo was reduced to cutting ribbons! To rub salt into the mange, the Government rejected the recommendations of its sugar industry CoI and announced it would shut down half of the industry, throwing 7000 sugar workers into the streets!

Not surprisingly Indian-Guyanese dumped the AFC and returned to the PPP – just like Trotman’s African-Guyanese followers had gone home to the PNC/APNU. The AFC had become the “dead meat” Ramjattan had predicted in 2015 if they joined the PNC/APNU! And it’s the stench from this dead meat that the AFC leaders are now trying desperately to staunch by expressing “concern” for sugar workers.

But “too late” shall be the cry. And as prophesised, come 2020 there shall be “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth” by Ramjattan and Nagamootoo.
All smart fly does land on cow backside!!

…on workers’ benefits

As serendipity would have it – or fate, which does have a sense of humour! – on the same day Ramjattan and Nagamootoo (and Trotman, who’s now presumably “spiritually and physically” well enough to have married one of his assistants!!)  expressed “concern” for sugar workers, the President of the AFC youth arm wrote a letter about all that the Government has done for Public Servants.

They said “if there is anything on which to judge this (APNU/AFC) government, it would be salaries for Public Servants.  Really?!!! As everyone in Guyana knows, “Public Servants” and “Sugar Workers” are simply tropes for describing the two major constituencies in Guyana!

The AFC – as described above – had “poached” some “sugar workers” – and “Public Servants” had departed.

So your Eyewitness is more than a bit confused that the AFC  youths didn’t seem to share the “concern” expressed by Ramjattan and Nagamootoo on sugar workers!

With the AFC clutching at any straw for survival, shouldn’t the sugar worker straw have earned a grab!

…on “asset recovery”

SARA was clearly formed to witch-hunt the PPP.  Proof? Its all-powerful Director just declared those protesting its existence “MUST have something to hide”.

Yup! Just like the test for witches.

Dunk them under water…and if they survive that’s proof!! If they don’t? Ooops!!


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