EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY: Prisoner claims he saw ‘headless’ body of inmate after deadly Camp Street fire


A 23-year-old inmate of the Camp Street Prison in Georgetown today made an explosive revelation that one of the sixteen prisoners found dead inside the Capital ‘A’ Division during the  recent deadly prison fire and riot, was  ‘headless’.

Steve Bacchus  told the Commission of Inquiry that is probing the recent deadly prison fire that the burnt remains of one of the inmates was found  ‘with the head completely removed from the torso’.

Bacchus during his testimony before the COI (Photo courtesy Newssource)
Steve Bacchus during his testimony before the COI (Photo courtesy Newssource)

According to a ‘News Source’ online report posted less than an hour ago, the evidence emerged during the public hearings of the Commission, today, and was volunteered by inmate and robbery convict, Steve Bacchus.

The report noted that Bacchus was one of the inmates who allegedly broke out of their cell on March 3 to render assistance to the inmates in the engulfed Capital ‘A’ Division.

Bacchus reportedly told the panel that while he was rending assistance he saw the “skull” of an inmate laying on a bed by itself.

The ‘News Source’ report stated that Bacchus was at the time being cross-examined by Attorney at Law Selwyn Pieters who is representing the Police and the Prison Service at the CoI.

Pieters asked the witness whether the inmate’s head could have been chopped off before the fire, but Bacchus claimed that may not have been the case.

The inmate, whose head was severed from the body was not identified during today’s hearing. Pieters suggested that the head was chopped off prior to the fire but again Bacchus denied that is what might have happened.

The report stated that Bacchus was also asked whether he saw any inmates with marks of violence but said the only marks were those caused by the fire.

Bacchus came in for some glowing commendations from Human Rights Advocate and Commissioner Merle Mendonca for what she believes was a courageous intervention by the witness during the March 3 prison unrest.

According to the online report, the convicted robber claimed he was forced to break out of another division within the Camp Street Prison to respond to the screams of his fellow inmates and render assistance.

Commissioner Merle Mendonca called attention to the inmates actions and commended him for his bravery and courage. She said whether it was done on behalf of fellow inmates or persons who were close to him it was worthy of commendation.

The three-member Commission of Inquiry is chaired by Retired Judge James Patterson, former Director of Prisons Dale Erskine, and Human Rights Activist Merle Mendonca. 



  1. EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY: Prisoner claims he saw ‘headless’ body of inmate after deadly Camp Street fire
    The convicts will not stop until their demands for Graingeheh to let them go free.


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