Essequibo teen dies after crying out for ankle pains  

Dead: Rabindra Khagaram

A former student of the Anna Regina Multilateral School died on Monday while receiving medical attention for a pain to the ankle at the Suddie Public Hospital.

The dead teen has been identified as 14-year-old Ramindra Khagaram of Lot 14 Henrietta, Essequibo Coast.

Based on reports received, the young man started to cry out for a pain to his left ankle on Sunday and as such, he was taken to the hospital to have a checkup. On Sunday, he would have celebrated his 14th Birthday.

At the medical facility, the teen was reportedly given an injection and antibiotics.

Dead, Ramindra Khagaram

He returned home and immediately went to sleep after feeling drowsy. His mother told Inews that soon after her son woke up and started to cry out for chest pains and without hesitation, he was rushed to the same hospital.

He was seen by another doctor who give him another injection and some tablets. At about 2:00h on Monday morning, the mother reportedly went to her son’s room to check on him but found that his body was extremely cold and he was perspiring heavily.

Again, she took him back to the hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but took his last breath a few hours later.

The grieving parents said that their eldest son was a strong child and believed that he was given the wrong treatment.

“He went to the hospital in high spirit and good health just a little pain in the left ankle, he was anxious to come home to celebrate his birthday with the family and friends”, the mother cried. The parents said that they are awaiting the results of the post mortem before taking any legal actions against the hospital.

The young man leaves to mourn his parents and one brother.