Enterprise Supermarket attacked by armed bandits


The Daily Supermarket at Enterprise Village, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was last evening targeted by gunmen who stormed the establishment during closing hours and executed a robbery.

INews understands that one of the armed bandits fired a shot during the commotion; however, no one was hurt. The perpetrators managed to make good their escape in a waiting car which has been described as a “fielder wagon”. The incident took place around 20:00h.

The Daily Supermarket at Enterprise Village which was attacked by armed bandit last evening.
The Daily Supermarket at Enterprise Village which was attacked by armed bandits last evening.

According to a neighbour, she was inside of her house when she heard a loud noise, followed by a gunshot.

“We were all locked up inside and didn’t really know what happened but then when we hear a gunshot, we peeped through the window and realise that the supermarket was getting robbed or got robbed. We pull back in and stayed quiet then later heard more noise. After a while my daughter-in-law watched out and see the police car them come and their lights were flashing but the thieves them done gone away,” the woman told INews.

It is unclear at this point in time what the bandits stole from the Chinese-owned business establishment, however, the entire incident was said to have been caught on the CCTV cameras.

Investigations by the police are on-going into the robbery.


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