Embattled Magistrate Sohan summoned to appear before JSC


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Magistrate Chandra Sohan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Suspended Senior Magistrate, Chandra Sohan has been summoned by the Juridical Service Commission (JSC) to make an appearance on Wednesday February, 18 where he will be forced to answer to matters surrounding his suspension.

Sohan was suspended some two months ago by the JSC over four matters that date back to almost two years ago. His suspension is well over the 60 days period, which means that Sohan is no longer obligated to appear before the JSC and should return to work; however this is not the case.

The JSC’s Rule 80, sub rule six states that when the 60 days period has passed in a matter regarding a suspended Magistrate, no inquiry can be held and the Magistrate should be allowed to return to work.

A source close to the issue told iNews that this move by the Commission is not setting well with the Magistrate, as it was noted that the Commission has no jurisdiction over the matter since the 60 days period has passed for an inquiry to be launched.

It was noted that the JSC’s focus should surround the reassignment of a court to Sohan, the source added.

The JSC’s reason for not establishing an inquiry into the matter following Sohan’s suspension remains unknown; however the source noted that the Magistrate should not be made to suffer further for the JSC’s procrastination.

According to the source, the JSC is trampling on the constitution for which it is supposed to be the guardian of.