Eastern Airlines to post US$450,000 bond before commencing operations


Eastern Airline LLC, which emerged from bankruptcy in 2018 from Dynamic International Airways who previously owned the rights to the name and logo, will once again be serving the Guyanese populace in December with scheduled flights, but before doing so, it has to post a US$450,000 bond.

Director General of the Ministry of Presidency, Joseph Harmon, says that the Cabinet has finally given its approval for that airline to provide scheduled services between New York, USA and Georgetown, Guyana once again but not before it pays a hefty bond to the government.

However, prior to this implementation of a bond for Eastern Airline, other airlines were never required to do such, but in light of the Eastern Airline LLC’s negative history with Guyanese, Harmon stated that this measure had to be put in place to safeguard Guyanese passengers.

He explained that since the Eastern Airline LLC first made its application to return to Guyana, the relevant authorities were concerned about the possibility that Guyanese passengers who use that airline’s services could be left stranded at locations in New York or Georgetown, and that the hefty sum will aid in preventing such.

Nevertheless, this approval for Eastern Airlines comes six months after an earlier application had been rejected by Cabinet.

Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Egbert Field has recently told the media that the company is no longer connected to Dynamic Airways and has followed international regulations and transitioned and restructured itself under new management.