‘Do the honourable thing and demit office’ – APNU Bulkan urges Sooba

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan


By Kurt Campbell

APNU Member, Ronald Bulkan
APNU Member, Ronald Bulkan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Shadow Local Government Minister Ronald Bulkan has urged Town Clerk Carol Sooba to do what he believes is the honorable thing and demit office in wake of a Court ruling squashing her appointment.

Carol Sooba was appointed Town Clerk of the Capital City by the Local Government Minister on December 4, 2013 despite several objections about her lack of qualifications for the post.

Bulkan told reporters at a press conference on Friday, April 11 that the decision by Chief Justice Ian Chang was welcomed by the opposition coalition. He reminded that the APNU had always deemed the appointment illegal since Sooba was both unsuited and unqualified.

He said she was imposed on Council and never cooperates, adding she was an instrument of central government that was an obstacle and hindrance.

He also expressed the hope that the Local Government Minister will respect the CJ’s ruling.

iNews (www.inewsguyana.com) understands that the Chief Justice ruling does not remove Sooba from office.

Following her appointment, Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council, Royston King moved to the High Court, challenging her appointment. King had also applied for the Town Clerk position.

King was represented by Attorney – at – Law Nigel Hughes. On Friday, April 11, Hughes revealed that the ruling by the Chief Justice is a classic case of “Trojan Horse.”

According to Hughes, the Chief Justice has allowed Sooba to remain in office while he formally declared that the Minister had no power to appoint her.

Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba
Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba

In explaining the ruling, the Attorney said, “Please note that the Chief Justice has upheld the arbitrary basis on which Ms Sooba was appointed after she failed to satisfy the Minister’s own criteria. The Chief Justice has in effect protected the Minister’s arbitrary appointment while purporting to rule on an issue which was not raised and on which Counsel for either side were not permitted to address the Court.”

He further noted that, “What will happen now is that the Minister will appeal, the Court of Appeal will allow the appeal based on the Chief Justice’s ruling on a point which the Attorneys were not permitted to address the court and Sooba will return and or remain in office. It is our intention to appeal those parts of the decision including the upholding of the arbitrary selection of Ms Sooba as Town Clerk.”

The Chief Justice in his ruling said that the Constitution specifically gives the power to appoint the Town Clerk to a Local Government Service Commission; members of whom shall be appointed by the Prime Minister.



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