Dismissed Skeldon worker remains off the job; calls continue for Estate Manager to be fired



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Skeldon-Sugar-Factory-Guyana[www.inewsguyana.com] –Three months after Steven Daniel was arbitrarily dismissed by Skelton Estate Manager, Dave Kumar following an incident in the field between, he remains off the job.

President of the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU), Komal Chand told iNews that the matter was left dangling even though the Labour Ministry and the Union have intervened to have Daniel reinstated.

“The matter is still yet not resolved; the arbitrator declared that the arbitration proceedings have come to an end and he left the matter like that. In other words, the man hasn’t been allowed to work and the matter is left like that.”

He also noted that Daniel remains off the job without pay and the union has now contacted its Attorney-at-Law to explore alternatives to ensure the employee gets back his job.

He also dismissed claims by some sugar workers that they are not being adequately represented by the union.

“Every single matter we would represent and the aggrieved person would know what the result is, we don’t leave any matter unrepresented,” Chand told iNews.

Sugar workers at the Skeldon Sugar Factory took industrial action in solidarity with Daniel since many said the Estate Manager is known for his drinking sprees on the job and his abusive attitude towards the workers.

All of the Estates were closed down because of this, but the Estate Manager refused to reinstate Daniel and management of the sugar company made their support known for Mr. Kumar.

Over the years workers have complained bitterly about Kumar’s attitude towards them. He has worked at a number of Estates and all the reports have been the same.

Only recently it was reported that Kumar was embroiled in a drunken brawl at the estate that led to strike action. Police were forced to arrest him after he was caught urinating in the middle of the road. He even threatened to urinate on the police patrol after he was rebuked.




  1. If this man was on drugs then why wasn’t any report filed. If he beat his why why wasn’t any woman organisation called in to deal with the matter. If a contractor influence a police officer to release him and you are so concerned, why wasn’t a report file with the PCA against the officer for breach of SOP.

  2. I was wondering what does politics have to do with the manager misbehaving. I am sure if the police do their work properly then no politician can get involved. I find your comment very ridiculous. You speak like the opposition. I remember when Ramaya blamed Barrat Jagdeo for the heavy rain fall in Berbice.

  3. The last I heard, he was on drugs and run around the compound with his underpants. Mr. Subramanie was dismissed for a quarrel be^ween his wife and himself…._wow, this guy has beaten his wife and was locked up.. mary, a contractor, went to ^he police and got him released. What ~ore guysuco needs to dismissed?

  4. Sorry guys! You have to be friends with the big ones,,,, dont see! Nandlall, Dev kumar, sattaur, and so many others are going to be the future of guyana. That is where our country is going! Mr. DANIELS isnt friend with the big ones, thus, he has to suffer. That is the effect of big time corruption. The right becomes wrong and the wrong becomes right!

  5. This is the champion. To be in position like dev at guysuco u have act like him. Piss on cops foot, drink and drive, fight at nite spot , and slap the police in charge of spring lands. This is guysuco turn around plan main man. This man na know shit


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