Directive to send hospital CEO on leave was flawed – Public Service Minister


By Leroy Smith

[] – “The procedure of sending the man home was wrong, there is a procedure and it must be followed, I deal with procedures.” Those are the words of Minister of Public Service and acting Health Minister Dr. Jennifer Westford.

The Minister told iNews that she has ordered that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Michael Khan return to his job because the procedure of sending him on leave was not followed.

According to Dr. Westford, “You cannot send a man on his leave.”

Finance Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Nirmal Rekha, who is also the chairman of the recently installed GPHC Board of Directors sent Khan on his annual leave under the pretext of it being to facilitate an ongoing fraud investigation at the entity.

Michael Khan is also known to have an open door policy when dealing with the public and matters of the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Khan has been at the helm of the country’s leading public health facility for some time now.

During his tenure, the relationship with the media has been improved and members of the public have been able to take their concerns to the CEO himself if they felt that they were not receiving the type of service expected by the health professionals.



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