Decomposed Body: PME to be performed at crime scene tomorrow

The area where the body was found. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

The area where the body was found. [iNews' Photo]
The area where the body was found. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Police investigators who rushed to investigate the discovery of a badly decomposed and nude body of a female aback the Caricom Annex at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown were forced to leave the remains right at the location.

iNews was informed that due to the state of decomposition of the remains, investigators advised undertakers not to remove the body. The Post Mortem Examination (PME) will be conducted at the location.

The police were called to the scene by someone who was passing through the area and stumbled upon the body.

Investigators cannot confirm at this time if indeed the body is that of missing St. Stanislaus Teacher, Nyozi Goodman, who disappeared without a trace following a basketball game at the National Gymnasium on July 6.

The woman, who has been a teacher for almost a decade and teaches Geography and Social Studies, had reportedly accompanied another teacher and students from her school.

Missing: Nyozi Goodman
Missing: Nyozi Goodman

According to her brother, Nestor Thompson following the game, she told the students to go ahead since someone will pick her up to drop her home, but that was the last anyone would see of the woman.

No one saw who picked her up or where she went and calls to her phone have all gone unanswered. Checks at her William Street Kitty residents also came up empty handed.






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