CSEC 2016 Results: Marginal increase in overall pass rate …See list of schools with 60% or more Pass Rate


The Ministry of Education has reported that, in 2016, there was a marginal increase in the overall pass rate for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination.

In providing an analysis of the 2016 results, the ministry noted that there was an increase in the number of candidates who wrote the CSEC examination. The statistics which follow reflect the performance of both public and private school candidates.

The following analysis was provided by the Ministry of Education: 

Candidate Entries:


 Public                         8269

Private                        4540




Subject Entries:




Gender Analysis of Candidate Entries – 2016

Male                           Female                       Total

4677                           8132                           12809

Analysis of Results

The analysis of the 2016 CSEC results revealed that there was a marginal increase in the   overall pass rate at the General and Technical proficiencies for Grades One to Three. In 2016, the pass rate was 63.39% as opposed to 62.72% in 2015.

Candidates from Guyana wrote thirty-five (35) subjects at the examination.

Of these subjects, the results indicated excellent performances in fifteen (15) subjects where the Grades One to Three passes exceeded seventy five percent (75%).  The fifteen subjects are: Agriculture Science (DA), Agricultural Science (SA), Biology, Food & Nutrition, French,  Home Economics Management, Information Technology, Principles of Business, Religious Education, Theatre Arts, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Physical Education & Sport, Music, Building Technology (Const.) and Building Technology (Woods).

Satisfactory performances were recorded in eighteen (18) subjects where the Grades One to Three passes exceeded fifty percent (50%) while Grades One to Four passes were in excess of seventy five percent (75%): Caribbean History, Clothing & Textiles, Economics, English A, English B, Geography, Integrated Science, Office Administration, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies, Spanish, Technical Drawing, Visual Arts, Human & Social Biology, Additional Mathematics, Electrical & Electronic Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The Grades One to Three passes in English A showed significant improvement from last year’s performance where a pass rate of 49.36% was moved to 59.3% in 2016. The performance in Mathematics has declined in 2016 with a pass rate of 38.37%. The pass rate in 2015 was 45.07%.

The overall performance in Chemistry was unsatisfactory with a pass rate of 41.13%.

Excellent performances were recorded in Agriculture Science (SA), Agricultural Science (DA) and Biology. Significant improvement was noted in Biology and Physics performance. Biology moved from 59.3% in 2015 to 76.38% in 2016 while Physics moved from 44.81% in 2015 to 55.83% in 2016. The performance in Chemistry and Integrated Science declined in comparison to 2015; however Human & Social Biology showed improvement from 49.35% in 2015 to 58.42% in 2016.

In the Business Education subjects – the performance in most of these subjects’ was satisfactory; Principles of Business recorded an excellent performance with a pass rate of 84.91%. Principles of Accounts moved from 65.43% in 2015 to 70.81% in 2016. Excellent performances were recorded in both Information Technology (General) and Electronic Document Preparation and Management, where the pass rates were 84.94% and 91.07% respectively in 2016.

Improved performances were recorded in Caribbean History and Geography. The pass rate for Caribbean History improved from 59.7% in 2015 to 66.04% in 2016. The Geography Grade One to Three pass rate is 61.9%.

In the Home Economics subjects, an increase was recorded in Food and Nutrition; the 2015 pass rate was 72.14% as against 73.35% in 2016. Satisfactory performance was recorded in Clothing and Textile and Home Economic Management with a pass rate of 51.02% and 75.64% respectively..

In the Industrial Technology subjects – Improved performance was noted in all subjects except Building Technology (Const) where the performance remained relatively constant. Building Technology (Woods) improved from 79.67% in 2015 to 83.64% in 2016. Electrical & Electronic Technology recorded 61.9% in 2015 and 63.3% in 2016 Grade One to Three passes.

In the Modern Languages subjects – French recorded an excellent performance with a pass rate of 79.86% in 2016 as compared to 54.96% in 2015. Spanish recorded satisfactory performance and improved from 60.51% in 2015 to 66.33% in 2016.

Music gained 100% Grades One to Three pass in 2016. Threatre Arts and Physical Education and Sports both recorded over 95% Grade One to Three passes. Religious Education’s performance in 2016 as compared to 2015 showed improvements, with the pass rate being 81.45% in 2015 as against 88.1% in 2016.

Satisfactory performance was recorded in Visual Arts with a pass rate of 55.55%. This has improved from 34.25% in 2015 and 41.12% in 2014.

Secondary Schools with 60% and more Pass Rate – 2016

Region                                  School                                               Pass Rate (Gr 1 – 3)

2                                              Anna Regina Secondary                           87.78

Abram’s Zuil Secondary                             74.11


3                                              Zeeburg Secondary                                      85.14

West Demerara Secondary                        79.11

Leguan Secondary                                      77.51

Vergenoegen Secondary                           62.51


4                                              President’s College                                     89.23

Diamond Secondary                                   87.75

Hope Secondary                                          79.21

Annandale Secondary                               70.31

St Cuthbert’s Secondary                            66.67

Soesdyke Secondary                                  61.38

Golden Grove Secondary                           61.03



5                                              Rosignol Secondary                                               66.05

Bygeval Secondary                                     63.23


6                                              Berbice High                                                 89.52

New Amsterdam Multilateral                      84.71

Skeldon Line Path Secondary                  76.1

J C Chandisingh Secondary                     74.84

Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary   73.8

Tagore Secondary                                       70.48

Black Bush Secondary                               68.57



9                                              St Ignatius Secondary                                65.53


 10                                            Mackenzie High                                           84.55

Christinburg/Wismar Secondary               67.33

New Silver City Secondary                                    62.53

Kwakwani Secondary                                 60.44



G/town                                   Queen’s College                                          96.1

The Bishops’ High                                       95

St Stanislaus College                                 92.81

St Joseph’s High                                         92.39

St Rose’s High                                             88.43

Central High                                                 83.63

Brickdam Sec                                               82.22

North Georgetown Secondary                   74.82

Christ Church Secondary                          71.14

East Ruimveldt Secondary                                    60.72

One hundred fifty seven (157) candidates secured eight (8) Grade Ones and more from the following schools:

Region                      School                                               No. of candidates

 1                                  North West Secondary                    1

                                                                                     Total  1

 2                                  Anna Regina Multilateral               8

Cotton Field Secondary                  3

Abram’s Zuil Secondary                 1                                                                                                                                                                                       Total  12

3                                  West Demerara Secondary            2

Sarawati Vidya Niketan                  24

                                                                                     Total  26

4                                  President’s College                         4

Diamond Secondary                       5

Total 9

5                                  Bush Lot Secondary                       1

Guyana Private (090135)               1

                                                                                    Total  2

6                                  Berbice High School                       4

J C Chandisingh Sec                     1

New Amsterdam Multilateral       4

Skeldon Line Path Sec                   5

Tagore High School                            3

                                                                                   Total  17

G/town                    The Bishops’ High                           14

Central High                                       1

Queen’s College                              45

St Joseph’s High                             4

St Rose’s High                                 3

St Stanislaus College                     11

New Guyana School                       4

Marian Academy                              5

ISA Islamic School                          3

                                                                                     Total 90






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