Crime Upsurge: Rohee’s ethics should let him resign – Cathy Hughes

AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes
AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes

In light of the apparent upsurge in criminal activities, there is a renewed call by the Alliance For Change (AFC) for Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to resign.

When  questioned about the crime situation at their recent press conference, AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes said that Rohee’ s ethics should be the guide to him stepping down.

“It comes down to ethics, it comes down to the fact if you’re not performing then only you to your heart should know that you’re not performing and based on your own personal integrity should be saying I can’t do better and in the interest of not letting more people suffer, let me step aside,” Hughes told reporters.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

According to her, nothing has been done by the Home Affairs Minister to arrest the crime situation facing Guyana.

“My position and the position of the Alliance for Change is that there is absolutely nothing that has been done. We haven’t seen a decrease in the rate over the last year that we can say is definitely is attributed to a security program, some new initiative the Minister of Home Affairs has put into place. It has continued to escalate and that is why many months ago we were calling for the resignation of Rohee. It is clear that year after year ordinary Guyanese continue to be killed in such a manner and the Police are unable to handle, to report, to adequately find solutions and if the Minister of Home Affairs is still presiding over this, then clearly something is wrong.”

There have been approximately 90 murders for the year, thus far. Earlier this year, a no confidence motion against Rohee was debated and passed in the National Assembly. However, despite calls for him to resign, Rohee has stated that he does not have any intention to do so in the near future.




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