Cops, civilian in Lombard Street brawl to be charged


Stemming from a video circulated on social media last month showing two ranks of the Guyana Police Force engaging in a scuffle with a civilian, charges have since been recommended against all parties involved.

A scene from the video that was circulated on social media

This was revealed by acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine, who told reporters at a press conference on Friday that the file sent to the Police legal advisor has been returned with recommendations for charges to be instituted.

“We received advice to charge them… both the driver and the Policemen are to be charged,” the acting Commissioner noted. The officers are to face both criminal and departmental charges.

The two officers in question, both traffic ranks, were seen in the video assaulting a civilian, who is a minibus driver. The incident took place sometime on December 4, 2017, at Stabroek in the vicinity of Lombard Street, Georgetown.

While it is unclear what led to the scuffle between the ranks and the civilian, it appears as though the man was hauled from the bus by the officers which resulted in the scuffle.

One of the ranks had the civilian restrained under his arm hitting him to the head, while his colleague appeared to be trying to part them.

The colleague was heard asking the rank, whom had the man restrained, “Bai, humble yuh self, bai.”

The civilian was then heard in the video asking the Cops repeatedly why he is being assaulted.

“Aye man loose me eh!… I do something fuh yuh knock meh?” the bus driver asked, as he was being held back by one of the officers.

“Ya’ll wrong to the man, y’all can’t do duh. Not because y’all is Police… y’all wrong fuh beat de man just suh,” a concerned onlooker was heard telling the Police.

“Boy, stop harass me bai good,” the bus driver told the officer who had hit him as he made his way into the vehicle.
Upon entering the bus, the driver was instructed by the officers to go to the station but as he was about to start the vehicle, he realised the keys were missing. This led to another argument between him and the ranks.

The following day, the Force’s Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan, issued a statement saying that they were made aware of the video and the matter was under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) while statements have already been taken.

The file was subsequently sent for advice.


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