Cops awaiting post mortem report of body found at Parika roadway


The body of 52-year-old Dindyal Sookram, a.k.a “Zinky” was discovered on the Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) roadway late Friday night by passersby some distance away from the man’s home. 

Reports are that the now dead man who resided at his sister’s residence in Peter’s Street, Parika, had left the house on Friday morning but failed to return home that night. 

body foundHis sister, Gaitree a.k.a Sabie, told INews that her brother was unemployed and would frequently go out hence she did not think anything was amiss when he did not return home on Friday evening.

 “I take care of him, he lived with me, and I didn’t think anything was wrong. But it was late Friday night when we get the message that he lie down on the road about 20 minutes from where we live. When I get there I then went to the police station and carry him to the hospital where they say he was already dead,” she lamented.

 According to Sabie, her brother would sometimes “catchp fits” and it is assumed that this is what occurred on that fateful night. The woman explained that when she looked at her brother’s body she did not see visible marks of violence but until the Post Mortem Examination (PME) is conducted then she can safely conclude that he had a seizure, fell, and succumbed.

Meanwhile, residents in the village are of the opinion that “Zinky” who is said to be a known alcoholic would have been under the influence of alcohol and probably “caught fits” Friday night while on the roadway.

“D” Division Commander Leslie James told INews that when his ranks were notified of the discovery on Friday night they immediately responded.

He stated that until the PME is completed it would be unwise to speculate the man’s cause of death. However, investigations are still on-going into the matter.

 “Zinky” leaves to mourn his six children and a sister.


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