Cop at centre of corruption allegations breaks silence…challenges anyone to “come with the evidence”


“I don’t understand why these allegations are being made against me. I live a normal life. I don’t live a life to shout about, me and my wife work very hard for what we have,” says Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mitchell Caesar, in response to corruption allegations being leveled against him.

(ASP) Mitchell Caesar
ASP Mitchell Caesar

In defending himself, the ASP told INews today that he is very hurt by the allegations being made against him considering the sacrifices he has made over the years as a dedicated officer of the Force. He said that the allegations have shocked him, explaining that everything which he owns has been made possible through loans taken from the bank(s).

Quite recently, television journalist, Travis Chase had declared that he had recordings of alleged wrong-doings by ASP Caesar. On Monday, at a press conference, a top official of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) also made similar claims.

When asked to comment on the allegations against him, the ASP stated that if either Chase or the PPP has evidence which they claim to have to support these allegations of his ‘wrong-doings’ then they should come forward since he has nothing to be fearful of.

When questioned as to why the television journalist would ‘target’ him in this regard, the Officer stated that some time ago, Chase was involved in a police matter and he (Caesar) was the rank tasked with instituting charges against him.

“I don’t know why he would say that or if perhaps he still has a grudge…but my family is being affected and it is not easy to deal with,” he said. He added that he is in the process of consulting his lawyers with the aim of filing a lawsuit soon.

Television journalist, Travis Chase
Television journalist, Travis Chase

Meanwhile, the PPP and Chase were recently questioned by the police in relation to an investigation into the accusations being leveled against the Officer. According to a police statement issued yesterday, after reports began surfacing alleging corruption against one of its ranks, ranks of the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) visited Freedom House Monday to question PPP/C members on their knowledge of the situation.

INews understands that Party Executive Secretary Zulfikar Mustapha, whom they met personally, and General Secretary Clement Rohee, through his Secretary, were interviewed and they both indicated that they had nothing of evidential value to offer.

This is despite the fact that the Party had beforehand released a statement claiming to have knowledge of the existence of audio and video recordings implicating the Police Officer.

Additionally, when the issue first arose through a television broadcast on TV Channel 67, the News Reporter was also interviewed but he too stated he had no evidence to provide to Police.

Chase had initially aired a report claiming to have knowledge of the said recordings. The news presenter had claimed that the allegations were contained in a “Top Secret document”.
He had said that the relevant authorities have obtained a document which detailed the alleged corrupt practices of a high ranking Police Officer.

Also, during a press conference on Monday, Rohee indicated that he will not be releasing his copy of the ‘tape’ for fear of compromising his sources.

Reports recently surfaced accusing Ceasar of being involved in acts deemed inappropriate for his profession.



  1. Guyanese love gossip, this is a simple case of THEM Sah she sah, Travis seems to be Starting a lot,he is doing a great jod of HALF GOSSIP, if you have facts that will stand up in court then produce them,stop trying to bull shit Guyanese with these comedy crap,

  2. It is simple. Let Mr Caesar declare he and his wife’s assets. Compare the bank loan and their salaries over a specified period with their assets. The difference will confirm corruption or not.


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