Construction of housing units moving apace in Region 5 – CH&PA


The construction of ten single housing units is currently underway at the Bath Settlement/Experiment New Housing Scheme on the West Coast of Berbice (WCB), Region Five, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has reported.

Construction workers carrying out work on one of the elevated housing units. (DPI Photo) 

The buildings, which are in the structural stage of construction are “elevated two-bedroom concrete houses,” according to the Clerk of Works of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA,) Mohammed Shameer Khan.

The construction of the ten houses was divided among four contractors who will ensure that they are built to specification, Khan added. “We have four contractors; Mr. Ivor Allen who has two of the houses to the extreme end, then you have Memorex Construction company with the other two. We have Mr. R. Kissoon with three and General Contractors (with the remaining three)”, Khan was quoted by DPI as saying.

The Clerk of Works further detailed that the contracts are for a three-month period and works are expected to be completed in February.

Region Five residents, who are eligible for these units, will go through a process of prequalification with a specified bank, where the houses will be mortgaged then qualified through the financial agency, DPI said.

Meanwhile, Khan detailed that during January, the construction of 10 single flat housing units is expected to start. Some of these homes, which will be two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, will be constructed in the same scheme.


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