Conflicting reports after teen arrested for armed robbery burnt while in lock-ups




Hours after a video surfaced with a teenager, claiming that he was tortured and burnt while in the lock-ups at the Vigilance Police Station, the Guyana Police Force stated that the young man burnt himself.

In a statement, the Police stated that on Sunday at about 10:10h, the teenager, who is also referred to as “Coolie Boy”, a fisherman of Annandale, ECD, was in Police custody for questioning into an alleged armed robbery.

Jahiem Peters was in custody and alone in the lock-ups. “Screams were heard coming from the lock-ups and when a rank made checks, he observed the jersey that Peters was wearing was on fire,” the release stated.

As such, the EMT from Melanie Fire Station was summoned and Peters was treated.

“He was questioned and related to the Police that he was given a lighter by another person who was in custody (on the bench), and he lit same and was playing with it and his jersey caught afire,” the Police added.

Peters was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where was admitted and is being treated for burn injuries to his left side ribs area and hand.

The Police further stated that statements were taken from persons who were at the station and witnessed when the incident occurred.

In the same statement, the Police reported that two ranks at the said station were placed under close arrest. Also, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, the young man stated that he was beaten to say he set himself on fire.

He claimed “I went inside the lock-up and them man beat me… after the policeman (Name Mentioned) come in the lock-up now, he want knock me to talk about some gun and I tell he me ain’t know about no gun and me and he start to scuffle… I end up and tek off meh jersey and that catch fire… when the ambulance come, they tell them I burn meh self… they end up and beat me fuh say duh.”

The man reportedly left his home on the ECD on Thursday and was heading to Georgetown, when he, along with two others were picked up by Police and taken to the Vigilance Police Station.