‘Come out and support the IGG’ – Director of Sports urges the Guyanese public

Christopher Jones

The Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) is set to kick off today (October 21) at the Leonora Stadium, West Coast Demerara as Guyana battles against neighbouring Suriname. The games are expected to be packed with excitement as the teams from both countries will be participating in seven sporting disciplines.

Those disciplines include track and field, basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsol, swimming, and table tennis. The IGG games will be featuring young athletes born 1997 and under in which Guyana’s very own Olympian Hannibal Gaskin is included.

Director of Sports Christopher Jones is urging the Guyanese public to come out to the games and lend support to the young Guyanese talent, since admission is free. Jones pointed out that many times it is said that there is not enough being done in sport. However, he noted that when efforts are made and monies spent, the support from the public is poor.

Director of Sports, Christopher Jones
Director of Sports, Christopher Jones

“When we hosted the CBC games earlier this year, the Cliff Anderson sports Hall was upgraded to an international standard, the arena and everything, the cost for attending those games was $500 per person and yet still we found that at times three quarters of the Sports Hall empty,” Jones lamented.

Due to the nature of the IGG games and it being multi-discipline, Jones is hoping that persons turn out in their numbers, since  the games are being held at several venues across the country. These include the National Gymnasium, the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the Aquatic Centre and the Leonora Stadium.

“These are student athletes, all of them attending an educational institution in the country and is worthy of supporting so we are hopeful that we see large attendance at these games over the weekend” Jones stated.

The grand opening ceremony will be held at the Leonora Stadium today 21 featuring track and field events. Additionally basketball will also be played at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall and Volleyball at the National Gymnasium. The Inter-Guiana Games will run from October 21 until October 23.

(Iasiah Braithwaite/GINA)


  1. I believe,the lack of attendance at these sports activities taking place at the venues may be due to poor advertising of these games,especially when they are free.Something that I have observed is,When it is 1.pm,some people and also reporters would say 1300 hrs,or at 6.00pm,they will say 1800 hrs,which I believe is impossible.Can you get the above from 24 hrs? if this is how these hrs are written:
    1 pm or 13:00 hrs and 6.pm or 18:00hrs,13 hrs or 18hrs.respectively.I hope this makes some sense to one and all.


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