CoI to be launched into alleged murder of Brazilian miner

The Brazilian miner, Estevão Marquês Costa who was shot and killed

On the heels of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) calling for an immediate investigation to be conducted into the alleged “execution” of Brazilian miner,

The Brazilian miner, Estevão Marquês Costa who was shot and killed

by two officers attached to the Guyana Police Force on Saturday last, the government has indicated its intention to launch a Commission of Inquiry into the matter.

This is according to State Minister, Joseph Harmon on Thursday, during a Post Cabinet briefing where he informed media operatives that the CoI will fall under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

“A situation in which you may have a policeman allegedly shooting somebody is more an aberration rather than the norm…so where a situation like that develops, it is going to be investigated. We have said that anytime a life is lost by unnatural means… there must be some inquiry into the circumstances which led to the death of that person, so there is going to be an inquiry…The Ministry of Natural resources, they will conduct a COI into that matter,” he said.

INews had reported that earlier this week that two Police Officers were taken into custody after they allegedly murdered 37-year-old Estevao Marques in Puruni Backdam, Region 7 and tried to dispose of the body on Saturday.

Based on information received, the two Officers, a Subordinate and Constable who are attached to Kurupung Police Station, abandoned their post sometime on Friday.

The men reportedly left on an ATV to patrol the area but subsequently hopped on a boat and went to a Landing in Puruni.

Upon their arrival there, the Police Constable reportedly exited the boat and went to a shop. The Subordinate Officer  remained at the landing on the Constable’s return but upon hearing  a loud explosion, he rushed to scene only to be told that the miner fired at the Police Constable and he returned fire thus mortally wounding him.

The Brazilian’s body was left lying on the ground but it was subsequently picked up and taken to the main landing.

Other Police ranks who were in the area investigating another matter proceeded to the scene and took possession of the .30 carbine rifle which was used by the Constable.

The matter was reported to the Divisional Commander who ordered the arrest of the two ranks.

A team of Officers have since been dispatched to Puruni to further investigate the matter.




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