COI investigating abuse at Orphanage to begin public hearing on Thursday

The three young women who have been locked up by the police.
The three young women who have been locked up by the police.

[] – The Administration of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security has advised that public hearings for the inquiry into allegations of maltreatment of orphans housed at the Camal’s International Home will commence on Thursday ( December 12) from 09:00hrs at the Albion Sports Complex.

Persons desirous of making a contributions or expressing their views can do so at the public hearing.

The inquiry is being conducted following the recent arrest of three young girls who resided at the Camal’s International Home and subsequent allegations of maltreatment of children housed at the Institution.

The Commission of Inquiry (COI) is chaired by Ayo Dalgetty-Dean and will review the operations of the home in accordance with the Minimum Operating Standards for Children’s Homes and Institutions.

Other persons conducting the inquiry are Saudia Feroze and Erma Bovell, both of whom are members of the Visiting Committee for Children’s Homes and Institutions along with Joan Ann Edghill, Legal Counsel at the Child Care and Protection Agency and Claudia Munroe, Senior Probation and Social Services Officer.

The Ministry of Human Service and Social Security on Monday (December 9) announced that it has appointed the Commission to carry out investigations.

Management at the Home was accused of maltreatment of the three girls who were locked up at the Albion Police station for over two weeks for wandering and was being sent to the New Opportunity Corps for four years.

The girls alleged that they, along with other orphans residing at the institution were being abused. The sentencing of the girls has since been reversed.



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