“Cobra” released after serving sentence for manslaughter, robbery under arms

Tyrone “Cobra” Rowe

Tyrone Rowe, popularly known as “Cobra”, was released from prison after serving time on charges of manslaughter and armed robbery.

On April 2, 2019, Rowe was slapped with a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to a lesser count of manslaughter for the unlawful killing of Troy “Natti” Collymore when he appeared before Justice Navindra Singh at the High Court during the commencement of the April Demerara Assizes.

He also pleaded guilty to an armed robbery charge and was given a nine-year sentence.

It was reported that back in August 2010, Collymore, of Plaisance Squatting Area, and Chandrika Datt, called “Shiv,” of Industry, ECD, were chatting in front of a drug store at Plaisance, ECD.

Datt, however, left to close the store after dealing with a customer. At this point, three armed men, including Anthony Taylor, called “Bow Wow”, and Rowe confronted Collymore and an overseas-based Guyanese, Noel Phillips.

One of the men reportedly entered the store and held up Datt while Taylor and another accomplice accosted Collymore and Phillips.

The armed man took a quantity of jewellery valued at $320,000 along with eight laptops from Datt while his accomplices relieved Datt of jewellery valued at $600,000 and Phillips, of an undisclosed sum of cash.

During the robbery, several rounds were discharged, which resulted in Taylor being fatally shot. Phillips was shot to his right arm and chest, and Collymore was shot to his head. In addition, a passer-by was shot to his left jaw.

Rowe, the alleged ringleader, and his accomplice escaped. Collymore was declared “brain dead” by doctors and succumbed two days later.

Rowe was subsequently apprehended and charged. In 2013, he was found guilty by a jury for the murder of Collymore and was sentenced to 78 years in prison by Justice Singh.

Rowe, through his Attorney, appealed the ruling, which was accepted, and in July 2018, his conviction and sentencing were overturned. As such, he was entitled to a new trial.