‘City Hall will have to budge’ says crowd in protest against paid parking


Even as the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) contended, just recently, that people have begun to accept and use the paid parking system, the turn out for the protest against parking meters today saw many protesters resolute in their calls for paid parking to be revoked.

For the fifth week in a row, a large crowd consisting of members within the Private Sector, Parliamentarians, Councillors and ordinary citizens stood holding placards in front of City Hall against the Parking Meter initiative.
Many of the protesters were not deterred at the fact that even after four previous protests, the M&CC was still moving ahead with the parking meters. Instead, they were adamant that the “City Hall will have to budge.”
The crowd’s creativity has not died as persons came out with placards in the shape of motorcars bearing phrases like “revoke the contract,” “Jail the Mayor,” among many others.
Moreover, many of the protesters moved in tandem with the beat of a new song by well known Guyanese musician Dave Martins’ “Postpone the Parking Meter”.
Many of the business persons who were out protesting have said that their sales are dwindling since the implementation of paid parking in Georgetown. “I am loosing about $2 million a month, it is affecting my business completely” said a businessman.
A young female entrepreneur said that paid parking “is affecting me because I am a regular earner and I cannot afford to park outside, is best I stay at home” she said with a worried look on her face.
Some trade unionists from Canada were also protesting in a show of support.
Meanwhile, for the fourth week, the Mayor nor Town Clerk made an appearance at the protest.
After an hour-long protest, the crowd disbursed but not before singing the National Anthem.
The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) has vowed to continue their protest next week.
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