City Hall to investigate bogus fee structure at Seawalls


Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase Green says City Hall will investigate the issue of persons paying to lime on the sea walls.

She made it absolutely clear that no one is authorized to collect monies for persons to use the sea walls and bandstand.

According to the Deputy Mayor, the seawalls and bandstand is a recreational area that remains open to the public free of cost.

She however recalled certain events being held at the bandstand area and persons being asked by the organisers to pay to attend.

But even in such cases, Green says she unaware of council granting permission for such events to be hosted there.

Meanwhile, Mayor Hamilton Green also shared his views on the issue which he described as total lawlessness.

The Mayor says he has checked with all the authorities and no one has given permission for fees to be extracted from persons seeking access to the area.

Mayor Green says the bandstand is under the jurisdiction of City Hall but the responsibility for its maintenance was given to the Guyana Police Force.

According to the Mayor he is not pleased with the work the police have been doing.



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