City Constable stabbed: Series of unfortunate events ensue after


stabbingA City Constable is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and is said to be in a stable condition, after he was stabbed three times to his abdomen by an unknown male while guarding the Merriman’s Play Park on Tuesday evening.

Constable Ragland Williams, 52, of 704 East Ruimveldt Front Road reportedly walked up to a photographer attached to Stabroek News, who was at the time conducting a photo shoot in the park. Williams quickly related what happened and the photographer and his colleagues assisted him to the Alberttown Police Station.

However, they were forced to take the  injured man to the hospital after three Police officers in uniform allegedly refused to deal with the matter.

Additionally, the photographer relayed to Inews that upon taking the Constable to the GPHC, the injured man, who was bleeding heavily, was made to wait.

It was only after the GPHC staff were questioned as to why the man was made to wait, that he was admitted for treatment.

Investigations are ongoing into the stabbing.


  1. What a shame all the fools at the hospital and the three police men should all be fired and charged –however that will never happen because they are all related to the soldier bai and his racist wife..and can never do wrong.


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