Chris Jones, Sherod Duncan suspended from National Assembly

Opposition Members Sherod Duncan and Christopher Jones
Opposition Members Sherod Duncan and Christopher Jones

Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir has suspended from the National Assembly Opposition Chief Whip Christopher Jones and Opposition Member Sherod Duncan over the APNU+AFC’s continued disruptions during the considerations of the estimates for Budget 2021.

The House Speaker was this morning forced to suspend the parliamentary session shortly after it started after the APNU+AFC members began to bang on their desks after their demands for Government Member of Parliament Kwame McCoy to be removed was not immediately dealt with.

When the session was eventually resumed this afternoon, the Opposition Members continued with their disruptive behaviour. The Speaker, nevertheless, continued with the task at hand, that is, to examine the budget estimates.

The House Speaker would have asked MP Jones, on several occasions, to ensure he and his members are seated – to which they refused.

“Honourable Member Mr Jones, I am asking once again that all the Honourable Members which are standing, please be seated,” the Speaker expressed.

The Opposition members, however, refused to take their seats and continued banging on their desks.

“Honourable Member Mr Jones, I called on you three times, three times to take your seat, along with the Members who are standing. At this point, Honourable Member Mr Jones, you are going to be suspended for the rest of the sitting,” Speaker Nadir said.

Following this encounter, the House Speaker continued with the consideration of the estimates in spite of the noises being made by the Opposition Members.

The Speaker later suspended MP Duncan after he was caught recording the proceedings, even after parliamentarians were warned against such actions.

“Honourable Member Mr Duncan I have already stated that filming in the House is not permitted. I will now have to suspend you for the rest of the sitting. Can you please turn your recording device off,” the Speaker stated.

Opposition Member Shurwayne Holder was also suspended after he repeatedly refused to take his seat.