Chinese businesswoman shot dead in foiled robbery  – at Number 57 Village, Berbice


The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating the death of Chinese businesswoman, Sue Di Wong, who was reportedly shot and killed by armed bandits during a foiled robbery attempt at her restaurant at Number 57 Village in Corentyne, Berbice.

Police said the incident occurred around 19:45 hrs Sunday night when 44-year-old Wong, of Number 57 Village, Corentyne, along with her husband and two sons, were having dinner in their restaurant which was closed for business at the time.

Reports are that two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, entered through an open door in an apparent robbery attempt.

According to a Police statement, Wong’s husband and two children ran out of the building and began to raise an alarm, at which stage the armed man discharged a round that struck Sue Di Wong to her head. The two men then escaped.

Sue Di Wong was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

A man has been arrested and is in police custody assisting with the investigations.




  1. Seems like crime just started happening in Guyana under a year now…all the time this beautiful touristy country was having ships of tourists to its shores, crime and violence free, a gem of the Caribbean until last May.

    Where are the sitting ducks? Or maybe the ostriches which bury their heads in the sand. This is not a race problem, it is a people problem…the level of hatred, ignorance and callousness with people who believe other people’s wealth belongs to them is not even fathomable.

    I suggest more stringent measures to crimes like murders…cat-o-nine tails in the square-public trial, then bread and water…not my taxes

  2. May be my reading and comprehension skills have failed me with this comment oliver. I read it several times and still in no position what you really wanted to say. Nothing makes sense.

  3. Chinese businesswoman shot dead in foiled robbery – at Number 57 Village, Berbice
    Well the Guyanese people cant complain too much since most Guyanese are enjoying PNC good life because our security minister cack eye rumjhaat got the criminals cornered. thank the good lord our cack eye minister made good on his words that after the gun amnesty expires he will turn a bad man..

  4. The government needs to step up its game and protect the people in Guyana. Granger should realize that the people put him there, every time “pnc” get in power the always f**k the country up and make it like shit… So much of robbery start since he take over the country. Get this Government out of there!!!

  5. Coc-eye Ramjattan and Granger is fooling the public that Guyana is safe….Why would these business people go to Guyana to invest under the PNC regime? Any army based government system – you will be exposed to getting rob….These fools have no economic skills to put Guyana FWD….They do not even know how to be pro-active….playing a sense less reactive game…Yes, they are solving crimes with the help of the ABC countries…but the fact remain that they are not preventing it from happening…..Moses was in New York recently trying to suck the Guyanese people to go there and invest…he was gracefully ‘egg down’! No one can blame the Guyanese in New York to egg him….They now realized he is a scamp man just with one intention – raping Guyana!

  6. I believe this is the result when a Government deliberately goes out to make a race look bad…now the ignorant people on the street feel they are right in killing those people. I hope you people can stand the anger of the Chinese when they have had enough. Ignorant lot


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