Tuschen Rural Constable hospitalised after revenge assault


In what is believed to be an act of revenge, a Community Policing Group’s Rural Constable (RC) has been hospitalised after he was attacked by a man while on duty.

RC Paul Waterman, of Block A Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, was rendered unconscious after he received blows to his face and neck from a man armed with a large piece of wood.

Some of the injuries received by RC Paul Waterman
Some of the injuries received by RC Paul Waterman

According to Tuschen CPG Chairman, Shaheed Ahmad, on Saturday evening, he and several other Constables, including Waterman, were on patrol duty when they were called to respond to a domestic dispute.

Ahmad explained that they were returning to the CPG Outpost at approximately 18:30h when they encountered a group of men, who were drinking alcohol. He explained that most of the men were known to them as they were repeat offenders with matters such as larceny and other petty crimes committed in the area.

“One of the young men who is known to us as (name withheld) called out for Waterman saying ‘you lock me up two years ago fuh marijuana’,” the Chairman recalled. He stated that the young man’s father was present at the moment, and upon hearing his son’s utterance, proceeded to hold Waterman in a vice-like grip and allowed his son to inflict the blows.

Ahmad added that Waterman fell unconscious and they sought assistance from the other men to take him to receive medical attention, but they refused, saying “this man should dead”.

INews understands that Waterman sustained serious injuries to his head. He is currently at the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he is receiving treatment.




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