Chief Justice to rule on Presidential terms delimitation case on May 4

The Attorneys involved in the Court case. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul 

The Attorneys involved in the Court case. [iNews' Photo]
The Attorneys involved in the Court case. [iNews’ Photo]
[]– Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang is expected to rule on a court case that seeks to delimit the amount of times a person can serve as President on May 4, a few days before General and Regional Elections. 

This was confirmed by Attorney – at – Law, Shaun Allicock who told iNews on Wednesday, March 25 that the case is nearing its final stages. 

Allicock represents the interest of  Cedric Richardson who has filed a writ to nullify the move by Guyana ‘s National Assembly to restrict a President to be able to serve only two terms in office, contending that it is illegal in its current form and such a constitutional reform should have been done by way of referendum.

The Attorney explained at Wednesday’s hearing that Attorney General, Anil Nandlall filed an affidavit in answer, while Roysdale Ford, who represents the Speaker of the National Assembly, was granted leave to make written submissions.

iNews also spoke to Nandlall after the hearing, who pointed out that it is the State’s position the constitutional amendment was done with proper procedure.

“I believe that the amendment was passed; the constitution says that it requires a two thirds majority to be effected and it was supported in the Parliament with a two thirds majority.

Meanwhile, Ford expressed a similar position, informing iNews that his client believes the writ is “ill-conceived.”



  1. for eye man hey suh…yall hear meh now…once elections are free —–fair—–transparent—credible—intimidation free—-the leader of that party must rule until voters go to the polls to vote her/him out….this 2 term thing is BS…yall dont have a mid of yall own dat yall got to do everything US do…


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