Cashier fights off armed bandits during attempted robbery at La Grange supermarket


A male cashier on Saturday managed to fight off two armed bandits who invaded the New World Supermarket located at La Grange, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

At around 11:35hrs on the day in question, two men wearing COVID-19 masks entered the supermarket posing as customers.

However, while at the cashier counter, one of the men pulled out a cutlass and started to fire several chops at the cashier.

The other suspect then whipped out a firearm from the waist of his pants and held the owner hostage.

The cashier began fighting with the cutlass-wielding bandit, thus causing the perpetrators to abandon their plans and escape on foot.

Based on police reports, the cashier received injuries to his finger and upper back. After the armed men left the premises, an alarm was raised, and the police were summoned. No arrested were made.