Guyanese mechanic busted while smuggling garlic into Brazil


A 47-year-old Guyanese mechanic has been arrested in Brazil after he was caught smuggling garlic from Guyana in the wee hours of Friday.

According to Police in Brazil, the man was nabbed carrying cargo with 100 bags of garlic on Avenida Brazil, South zone of Boa Vista.

He even tried to evade the approach, but was later apprehended by Military Police (MP).

Reports are the man was seen by the police travelling in a car that was “well lowered” and with only the parking lights on.

Upon seeing the stop order, the suspect accelerated. On a section of the road, he left the car still moving.

According to the MP, he confessed that garlic was smuggled from Guyana and would be delivered to a man known as “Garlic Joe”.

According to the police reports, each bag weighed 10kg.

The mechanic was immediately taken to the Central Flagrantes and, according to the MP, he is a repeat offender for the same crime.