CANU staff to be doubled in reform process



By Fareeza Haniff

CANU-burning[] – The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) is expected to have its human resources doubled as government moves to implement its latest security sector reform initiative with immediate effect.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon told a news conference this morning (Friday, October 24) that the reform process addresses a revised organization chart, one that responds to the tasks, functions of investigations, prosecutions, and international collaboration.

He explained that the reform initiative follows inter – current intervention and recognizes the many contributions made by CANU to law enforcement in Guyana and specifically its functioning in the field of investigations, prosecutions and international collaborations in anti-narco trafficking.

The second aspect of the reform is the approval of job descriptions, job specifications that are applied, will be applied to the inventory of authorized positions, while the third deals with tenure and relatively.

This reform initiative of CANU is slated for immediate implementation and engagements continue into 2015. Other reforms include SWAT Team and National Intelligence Centre, Dr Luncheon said.

“The impact of the restructuring and reforms of CANU we anticipate would be profound. CANU has made significant inroads into narco-trafficking and narco-traffickers in Guyana. This is an extremely incisive, timely intervention,” the Cabinet Secretary told reporters.


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