CAL offers more leg room on flights


(Trinidad Guardian) Although Caribbean Airline’s (CAL) financial position has improved, CEO Garvin Medera says there is still a lot to be done.

Chief executive officer Caribbean Airlines, Garvin Madera, left is joined by chairman of the Airports Authority of T&T Keith Thomas as they relax in the economy cabin of the Boeing 737 jet aircraft, during the launch of the Caribbean Plus at the Head Office, Golden Grove Road, Piarco yesterday.

“The reality is that the airline is very seasonal. Each quarter would present different challenges. It is not constant throughout the year, so profitability as a whole for the airline does not necessarily hinge on one quarter or the other. We have improved significantly year-on-year,” he said.

According to Medera, among the challenges for the state owned carrier is that it did not make a profit on the airbridge.

“Anytime we put up flights on the airbridge we make a loss, so any improvements would have been on other routes,” he said.

Medera spoke to the media following the launch of CAL’s Caribbean Plus product at the airline’s head office, Golden Grove Road, Arouca, yesterday.

Caribbean Plus offers extra leg room in the economy cabin of CAL’s Boeing 737 aircraft and affords travelers the opportunity to pre-book and pay for seats in rows 4-10 with additional leg room.

The programme starts on June 1.

Seats may be bought on all routes subject to availability, except domestic flights between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Prices of the seats would depend on distance.

He said recent increases in energy prices would affect the airline’s expenses but were a normal part of doing business.


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