Businessman found dead at Crabwood Creek house



Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 55-year-old businessman whose body was on Wednesday discovered at his Crabwood Creek, Region Six home.

He has been identified as Rajendra Ramnarine also called ‘Duck’.

His motionless body was discovered in a sitting position on a sofa in the living room at about 16:30hrs by his son-in-law.

Steve Persaud, 29, had gone to visit Ramnarine and upon entering the yard, he was greeted with foul stench.

Police were immediately summoned and entered the house where the discovery was made.

Ramnarine was reportedly last seen on Sunday.

His son Devendra, told investigators that he last saw his father at about 8:00hrs on Sunday. Ramnarine was reportedly riding a bicycle.

The businessman lived alone.

A postmortem will be conducted.